Basic Cartomizer Troubleshooting

plattank-300x300Issues with your vape pen can be annoying and frustrating, and spending your precious time trying to get problems resolved can be a major waste of your time. So the keep reading for some helpful tips to guide you along with getting things fixed in a timely manner, because often times issues can be resolved simply, and without needing a support team.

-There’s no vapor yet the battery is charged and the cartomizer is screwed on.

-Often times this is the result of a collapsed center pin, which happens when your cartomizer is screwed on too tightly. When screwing the cartomizer on, gentle and firm is good; don’t apply too much pressure and over-tighten.

-Got a clearomizer leaking from the bottom of the unit?

-Different things can cause a clearomizer to leak, among them include being overfilled with liquid, liquid having been poured into the wrong part of the center tube, and the connection to the battery is bad. If you take a hit and there is gurgling, the fix to the problem is quick. Blow through the clearomizer from the mouthpiece, using a paper towel to catch the liquid that will come out of the air tube.

-The cartomizer is leaking, even though it is screwed on properly and the leak seems to be coming from within the glass portion of the unit.

-In this case, it may very well be that the cartomizer is on its way out. Repeated use with it being too tight can cause this. It can also be from a crack in the glass due to pressure, or even from trauma during shipping. Replace it.

-Cartomizer is filled but not functioning right; allows very little hit, barely any vapor comes out, and some liquid squirts out.

-This is most likely a case of the cartomizer being over-filled and the excess liquid is causing the malfunction. You will need to clean the connection point of the battery, using a tissue and/ or q-tip. When there is no more liquid on the external parts, try taking a hit to see if it functions right.

Vaping troubleshooting is big, because many times what seems to be a big problem, in actuality is a small one that you can take care of on your own. Being able to fix a vaporizer problem yourself comes with the benefit of giving you a better understanding of how your device works internally, and it can give you a better view on how to get the best performance from it on a regular basis. The more you know, the better it goes!

Automatic or Manual: Battery Switches

ex-blankWhen it comes to e-cigarette batteries, you’ve got a world of choices. One of those is automatic or manual switch style, which believe it or not, comes down to much more than just how your e-cigarette gets powered. The switch style has a great effect on the overall performance of the device, so before choosing, you should have a good idea about how each works, and what kind of performance you can expect from them. So if you’re wanting to know about the differences, we’ve got the info you need!

Automatic E-Cig Batteries

With automatic electronic cigarette batteries, the heating element becomes engaged when the user takes a drag. The on/ off switch is built in, and it gets activated upon the puff. This style is very popular because it more closely resembles the look and feel of a traditional cigarette.

Pros & Cons to Consider:


  • User-friendly, these batteries are the closest thing to a traditional cigarette that an e-smoker is going to get.
  • Long battery life; automatic batteries have a great ability to last between charges.
  • The styling of these batteries looks incredibly similar to traditional cigarettes, enabling users to discreetly use their devices.


  • More susceptible to leaks because battery is not sealed.
  • Automatic batteries often need to be primed before use for proper functioning.
  • There is an automatic cutoff period after 5-6 seconds that limits the number of drags you can take per minute.

Manual E-Cig Batteries

Different from automatic batteries, manual switch-style batteries activate when a button is pressed during use. For some users, this takes some getting used to, and can be a hassle in the beginning. However, the added control over the device is the main reason this style of e-cig battery is preferred among experienced vapers.

Pros & Cons of Manual E-Cig Batteries:


  • They have a sealed battery, and that makes them less likely to leak.
  • Greater control over the device as a whole, and more control over the duration of your puffing.
  • Manual batteries do not require priming for the the fullest vapor production.


  • Battery life can be lower than automatic batteries due to the great vapor production.
  • May take more effort to get accustomed to because they are less like traditional cigarettes.
  • More likely to run out of e-liquid/ cartridges faster than automatic batteries because you can take larger hits more often.

While there are equal pros and cons to both style of e-cig batteries, what the choice basically comes down to is which style suits you better.

Our extensive line of vaping products caters to all levels of e-smokers; from experienced hobbyists to the beginners. When it comes to products for the novice, our Express starter kit is the very best e-cigarette on the market, available with an easy-to-use automatic battery, and a very similar design to traditional cigarettes. If you’re looking for the optimal experience in switching to electronic smoking, give it a try!

Next Up for Vaporizer Cigarette Regulations: Childproof E-liquid Packaging


Regardless if you’re using a cigarette look-a-like or a more advanced vaporizer cigarette, all e-cigs contain liquid nicotine or e-liquid. E-liquid is either stored in small plastic containers that make it easy for vapers to refill their devices, or comes in pre-filled cartridges. This design however can also make them easy to misplace and fall into the wrong hands.
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Puffing and Inhaling: How to get it right

-When vaping with advanced vaporizers, it may come as a surprise that the inhale is a little different than using traditional cigarettes and even basic, entry-level e-cigarettes. While they are designed to be quite similar, and produce amazing hits of vapor-infused nicotine, puffing on vaporizers takes some getting used to and a certain technique. Here are some tips to help you get acquainted with this new type of puffing, because we know that when you switch to vaping it will help you out tremendously to have an idea of what to do, and what not to do.

What to do:

-Regardless of the style of e-cigarette, priming your e-cigarette can do wonders for the performance. Priming is basically a series of quick puffs without inhalation. They heat the coils and get the e-cigarette ready for vaping.

-Slow and steady wins the race, especially when it comes to vaping. This is exactly the right method to use, as it will fill your mouth with vapor quite effectively. Think cigar, not cigarette, as the vapor does not need to be breathed into the lungs for you to get the full effects.

-Hold the vapor in after the inhale for 3-5 seconds before inhaling it into the lungs, or exhaling through your nose. Unlike the nicotine found in tobacco, nicotine from vapor gets absorbed through the mucous membranes, the lungs, and the nose, so you have options as to where you can inhale it from. Interesting, right?

-Be patient. E-Cigarettes take about 30 seconds for the effects of the nicotine to be felt, compared to the 8 seconds most smokers are accustomed to with traditional cigarettes.

What not to do:

You should certainly have an idea of what not to do when vaping, because these little tidbits are just as important as the things you need to do.

-Avoid the short, quick puffs typically used when smoking cigarettes. Because of the way e-cigs are designed, this can lead to liquid ending up in your mouth; which is obviously not the desired result.

-Chain smoking (chain vaping) is not the best thing to do with your electronic cigarette. 3-7 puffs is the average to maximum amount of puffs you should have at any given vaping session to avoid overheating; a couple minutes in between is ideal for cooling.

-Prolonged vaping can lead to a sore throat, irritation, and possibly even “vaper’s tongue” AKA tastebud burnout.

We want you to love your vaping experience with VaporFi products, so follow these tips to get the most out of your electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. You should enjoy your vaping experience to the fullest, and it’s amazing what a few little tweaks to your typical smoking experience can do for you when vaping.

Find the Perfect E-Cig Flavor

Vapor-Zone-flavorsIf finding the perfect e-cigarette flavor amidst our selection of 30,000 seems a little bit intimidating, we ask you to not worry about a thing. We’re going to give you the lowdown on finding the right flavor, or flavors, for your particular tastes, and this will hopefully help you when choosing in the future. Especially if you are new to e-smoking, it can seem overwhelming when you’re facing so many varieties, but it’s really not that difficult. Read on the learn more about the different flavors!

VaporFi e-liquids are available in single shots or double shots, so you can get more or less of a single flavor per blend, it’s kinda like more intense vs. less intense versions of the same flavor. They’re also grouped into distinct categories to help with organizing; when there are this many choices, we aim to keep it simple.

Tobacco Flavors: everything tobacco; from shisha to American red, Middle Eastern to Cuban cigars, if you dig the taste of tobacco, this category will be for you!

Fruit Flavors: Everything pertaining to fruit, with obvious options like watermelon and strawberry to the deliciously exotic like mango, guava, and pomegranate.

Dessert Flavors: Decadence in vapor, there is a delectable variety of amazing dessert flavors here, such as cheesecake, birthday cake, dulce de leche, and chocolate delight.

Menthol Flavors: if menthol is your thing, we’ve got a great assortment of menthol flavors, that bring all the cool, tingly sensations you crave.

Other Flavors: For flavors that are superbly out of the box, like amaretto, espresso, white tea, and rum, this is the category where you’ll find them.

Now that you’re aware of our basic categories, you should spend some time browsing through our “Top Blends” on our site, which will give you an idea of some of the most popular blends we have.

What finding the perfect flavor comes down to, simply, is your tastes. If you really enjoyed the taste of tobacco when you smoked traditional cigarettes, you will probably be stoked on our tobacco flavors and blends. If you’re open to experimental flavors, menthol-citrus blends may tickle your fancy. Get the picture?

If you just can’t make up your mind, we totally suggest giving our e-liquid sampler pack a try, which gives the option of three custom blends in 10ml bottles, at a very attractive price. Flavor is a personal endeavor, we hope you savor it!

Survey Says Millennials Are Leading the Way in E-Cig Popularity


Right now there literally millions of vapor smokers across America, and according to a recent Forbes survey, the Millennial Generation seem to be leading group in the smoke-free movement.
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Customer Service: Not a Side Topic

istock_000011817723medium60f69We have great products. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but it’s what we strive to do, and considering how much effort we put into creating badass vaporizers, accessories, and e-liquids, we are pleased to offer products we proudly use ourselves.

However, on that same note, we are not just in this to make awesome products. While that is our main focus, and what we have a serious passion for, we know how important it is to have just as awesome customer service. It’s one of those little things that in reality is a really big deal, and can make or break a customer’s relationship with a brand.

When it comes to all of our products, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. This gives you the option to try it out and really see if it fits your fantasy of the ultimate vaping device. Should you find a fault in it, or find that it just does not meet your expectations, send it back! We won’t think any less of you! Just so we’re on the same page, however, online purchases must be sent back to the company, and cannot be returned in stores.

We offer great money-saving programs such as our Refer-a-Friend, Home Delivery Program, and Vapor Rewards. The Refer-a-Friend program earns you $15 for every friend you refer to us who makes a purchase; if you’re spreading the love, we’re gonna reward you for it!

Our Home Delivery Program offers a ton of benefits, costs nothing to join, and has no contract to it. When you sign up, you get 10% off all purchases and you get your cartridges and e-liquids coming to you at regular intervals without having to remember to reorder them. There’s no commitment, you can cancel whenever you want, and you can set the frequency of deliveries to whenever you want them. Vapor Rewards rewards you for all the money you spend with us. Every dollar you spend gets you 1 point, and when you hit 200 points, you will get $20 in VaporFi credits; which is like getting 10% off your purchases!

When it comes to serving, we’re all about our customers. You guys make us what we are, and fuel our drive to continue to constantly satisfy. If you want to talk about something, get in touch! Give us a call, shoot an email, chat on social media and let us know. Otherwise, kick back and enjoy your VaporFi products!

Get Ready to Get Into Orbit!

10543639_534027163366035_413863627307882508_nGet ready folks, we are on the verge of releasing one of our most epic products yet: the Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer!

One of the most “highly” anticipated vapor products of the year, we are super stoked to be unleashing this bad boy! Designed with exceptional engineering, yet total simplicity, this is the ultimate dry herb vaporizer. It can handle heavy duty, extended usage because its ultra-powerful 2200 mAh battery was made to hold up to high volume vaping. The Orbit features a very advanced heating chamber, made for easy use and is surprisingly easy to fill; unlike so many of its competitors.

Dry herb vaping merges all the conveniences and cleanliness of nicotine vaping with dry herb use. It makes for a cleaner situation, yet also very sleek, stylish, portable, and easy to conceal if you prefer to keep things low key.

Finding a great dry herb vaporizer for under $100 can also be a difficult predicament to find yourself in, because chances are, up until now, your options were pretty limited. However, the Orbit has arrived to change the landscape. This badass starter kit is currently priced at $99.99 and we are certain you will not be disappointed by either its quality or performance.

The Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit comes with all the gear you need for vaping dry herbs. In addition to a stylin’ 2200 mAh rechargeable vaporizer, it also includes a USB charging cable, a cleaning brush, 5 replaceable mesh filters, 5 silicone mouthpiece covers, and a trustworthy user’s manual so you always know what you’re doing. You’ve got your choice of colors between black and red.

Just like the future of smoking is digital, so is the future of dry herbs. The Orbit is the premier dry herb vaporizer, and if you’re are thinking about purchasing one, pre-ordering is now available. Limited quantities are available, and they will begin shipping out on 8/25; so act fast and get yours preordered today!

Get Your Hands on Some Candy Flavored E-Liquids!

siteimageCandy is awesome. Yes, it harks back to childhood, and one of the best things about adulthood is that you no longer have to deal with adults who can legally tell you that you’ve got to put a chill on how much of the good stuff you consume. Unless it’s your dentist; you pay them to tell you what you can or can’t eat, and deny it all you want, if you’ve been loading up on sugary, colorful, oh-so juicy sweet treats, the evidence will be there on your pearly whites.

If you vape, on the other hand, you know that when it comes to indulging in the flavors of your choice, whatever types you like, and especially if it’s the taste of candy, you’ve got the free range to have whatever you want.

So that’s why we offer some deliciously fantastic candy-inspired e-liquid flavors. Because candy rocks, and we really don’t lose our love for it even as adults, we are pleased to offer some wildly popular candy flavored e-liquids. And, because these are so hot, we keep getting inspired to create new ones!

Our two newest candy-flavored e-liquid tob blends are all about satisfying those cravings for super sweet, slightly sour, and very fruity candy treats. Here is a look at their flavor profiles:

Candy Sugar Stix

We know how much you love candy, and this one tastes exactly like the sweet, tangy, gritty powdered candy that comes pouring out of fun little tubes.

Tart n Sweet

This is another blast from the past, crafted to resemble your favorite sweet yet tangy and tart candy. It takes candy-flavored vaping to new dimensions, and gives you that same delicious, happy flavor without the trouble or volatile sugar rush!

And if those whet your whistle, we suggest you try our VaporFi Blend of the Month, which is the highly popular Lemon Apple Candy Crush. This fab flavor is 25% off all month long, so it’s a great time to grab it up!

As you can probably tell, we are seriously having a “candy flavored e-liquids” moment right now! If you have a sweet tooth to satisfy or just dig candy, try vaping it! It’s the best way to have your candy and eat it too, anytime you want!