VaporZone: Making Earth Day, Every Day!

eco-friendly-planetAh, this great planet of ours, isn’t it amazing how it makes us feel so small? Today is Earth Day, and it’s a great day to be reminded of how wonderful our planet is, and why we need to all do our individual parts to take care of it. Did you know that by vaping you are? Electronic cigarettes are the better alternative when it comes to smoking, and they are much better for the environment and our planet than traditional cigarettes are.

Tobacco cigarette butts account for a considerable amount of the world’s pollution problem. They are the most polluted item, and unfortunately they end up not only on city streets, but in nature, in parks, and just about everywhere people irresponsibly toss them, or get carried. They are not biodegradable, and as the butt breaks down, they continue to release chemicals into the environment they remain in. You know about all those thousands of undesirable chemicals that get put into cigarette butts? They don’t just magically disappear when cigarettes are used or thrown away. When they end up in puddles, lakes, streams, oceans, and other bodies of water, as well as the ground, those chemicals slowly leach out of them, creating an even larger pollution problem.

Another factor with cigarette butts is that as trash, they end up in the habitats of many animals throughout the world, and sadly, they end up being mistaken for trash and get consumed; creating a potentially deadly hazard to animals.

E-cigarettes are the better choice when debating between electronic and analog because are much gentler on the planet. They do not end up as waste as frequently, considering so many smokers go through a pack of 20 cigarettes in a day, all ending up in the trash, or even worse, in the environment. They allow users to control their consumption, without giving up the pleasure or the nicotine they want. Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers also do not contain tobacco, or put others at risk of second hand smoke. They use high tech e-cig accessories to charge batteries, allowing the products to last longer, instead of creating more waste with lighters and burning through paper tubes.

While Earth Day is but one day a year, it’s important to remember all of the ways you can do your part, everyday, to choose the better path for the planet. VaporZone is proud to be a part of the e-cigarette movement, and proud to help people make better choices on Earth Day, and every day!

Proof is in the Liquid: Why VaporZone E-Liquids are the very best!

Photo Cred: @qsiecigs

Photo Cred: @qsiecigs

VaporZone e-liquids are not the best by fluke; oh no! They are the result of a lot of time and attention put in to creating the best. With plenty of competition abound in this market, and e-liquids being sold on what seems to be every street corner, here is a list of reasons that all add up to VaporZone having seriously amazing nicotine liquid. But don’t just take our word for it; join the thousands of others who are fully aware of the VaporZone difference! If this isn’t enough for you, we strongly urge you to try them for yourself!

  1. Made in the USA. Most Americans are pretty patriotic, but when we’re talking about e-liquids, it goes further than just national pride. American made e-juice is fresher, it doesn’t have to spend a long time traveling from abroad to get here. It’s manufactured here, and takes very little time to go from production to the customer.
  2. Regulations. While there are not many regulations on electronic cigarette or advanced vaping products at this time, we’re ahead of the game. We keep our standards rigid to ensure quality and that we are producing the best quality liquids available. Our labs are registered with the FDA as tobacco manufacturers, and they have our formulas on file for their benefit of knowing what we are doing.
  3. Top Shelf Ingredients. Our liquids contain the best ingredients available. After years of research and development, we know a thing or two about what works well and what doesn’t. And, in this light, we’ve been committed to having the purest ingredients, and are happy to keep these standards high. Our glycerin comes from Malaysian palm, which is a non-nut source of glycerin so that our users who have peanut allergies are generally in the clear. Our other ingredients are USP Kosher, and we are proud to flaunt the fact that our ingredients are pure enough to meet standards of being “inhalation grade”; so yeah, they are above and beyond food grade. You don’t eat e-liquids, do you?
  4. We custom blend for the ultimate in flavor satisfaction. We have more than 50 difference individual flavors, and they can be blended in countless ways to create unique new flavors. Orange Creamsicle? Watermelon-Menthol? Dulce de Leche Tobacco? Chocolate Mint? The list goes on and on and on, and we promise you will not be getting bored with our selection, no matter how hard to please you think you are. We’ve got 30,000 flavor options, and e-liquid custom blending rocks. Do tell me of any company that even comes remotely close in options!
  5. Performance. Like our e-cigarette vaporizers, our liquids are made to perform. They are known for their excellent levels of vapor quantity, and the smoothness of the hits. We know vapor, and we know the kind of vapor we’d want to be vaping with, so that is exactly what we set out to create. We hope you enjoy!

The Beauty of VaporZone Locations

10007049_484425054992913_5558258852458275861_nVaporZone offers a unique concept in the world of electronic cigarettes. We not only have a fully-functioning online site, where you can purchase everything we’ve got to offer, we also cater to the public with our VaporZone locations throughout the South Florida area, expanding onward to Florida’s West Coast. So while you may be familiar with how awesome it is to do your shopping with us on the web, we thought we’d give you a little insight as to what it’s like to visit us in the flesh at one of our locations.

When you walk into a VaporZone location, it’s like walking into vapor heaven. Don’t expect the same generic environment, cheaply decked out like most other shops carrying electronic cigarettes and gear. We are known and praised for our quality, so expect it down to the very smallest of details. It really is a whole new experience, especially if you’ve been in similar stores. You definitely won’t be wondering about where the products came from, what the quality is like, or if the clerk handling things really has a clue about what they’re doing.

VaporZone locations are like e-smoking hubs. They not only feature our state of the art products, they are also really cool places to hang out, and meet others who share your passion for digital smoking, all in a really cool atmosphere. In our stores, we feature a fully-equipped Vapor Bar, where guests can sit down and experience the goods. You can sample the many different flavors, examine the vaping pens to your heart’s content, and pick the brains of our “Vapologists” who are expertly trained in all things vapor. They mix our custom blends and hook you up with the incomparable excitement that our products bring.

The full line of VaporZone products are available in our locations, however in our Express locations, expect our most popular items and liquids (custom blending is only done in store locations). You have the ability to check everything out, see how our vaporizers work, examine the accessories they work with, and compare and contrast models if you are undecided. Also having experts on hand, you can ask specific questions about our products, to get an idea if things are in line with what you are looking for.

Currently, we have 8 locations in the state of Florida: Doral, South Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Brandon, Tampa, Clearwater, and the just-opened South Beach store. In addition, there are also 4 VaporZone Express locations: Downtown Miami, Coconut Grove, Hallandale Beach, and Pompano Beach. If you (unfortunately) don’t live in these South Florida/ Florida areas, but happen to be traveling through as millions of people do each year, we highly suggest you pay us a visit because our locations are worth checking out! Our customers are overwhelmingly pleased with our online offerings, and having the ability to come face to face with VaporZone is even better. We look forward to meeting y’all!

Electronic Cigarette Terminology

1549516_484357821666303_7630781555867414455_nElectronic cigarettes are getting pretty advanced, aren’t they? If you do any amount of research on advanced vaping products, you are bound to come across what may seem like a whole new language! If you are wondering what a certain term means, or would like some clarification on whether you’re using a term correctly, this handy little guide should help! When it comes to vaping culture, we understand how important it is to flaunt the right lingo!

Analog: You know, the opposite of digital; the way it was back in the day… This term is a reference to traditional cigarettes as they are completely not digital.

Atomizer: The element of the e-cigarette that does the work heating and vaporizing the liquid.

Atty: AKA the Atomizer.

AVP’s: Abbreviated for Advanced Personal Vaporizers. These are super common, and basically encompass the majority of vaporizers that are commercially available. If you use a vaporizer, that is not a standard 2-piece e-cig, such as the Express, it can be considered an AVP.

Carto AKA the Cartomizer: The unit that attaches to the battery that is combination of a cartridge and atomizer.

Dripping: The act of using a Drip Tip when vaping. Those who are big on this method cite superior flavor and the best vapor production comes as a result of it.

Drip Tip: An accessory that works with the atomizer or cartomizer. They provide an open mouthpiece, and gives the user the ability to drip the liquid directly onto the atomizer. It’s a distinct method for vaping, and some people are really into it.

eGo: A loose term for vaporizers that use 510 threads, and are used with other 510 components, with a very large battery.

Mods: This term has been in existence for a while, and it originally stood for “modification.” It has come to refer to any type of vaporizer, any type of advanced vaping model. It’s used pretty loosely, and it certainly doesn’t refer to basic e-cigs.

Ohm: A unit of measurement of electrical resistance. The lower the number, the lower the resistance, which makes it heat faster.

Vaping Pens: Another clever term used for AVP’s, check out our Pro vaporizer, Jet vaporizer, and Pulse vaporizer models!

Vaporizers: Any type of advanced electronic cigarette, that provides a large, powerful battery and utilizes e-liquid as opposed to disposable cartridges.

Boost that Battery: What You Need to Know About Performance

vz_battery_pro_650_11Your batteries are essentials to vaping; you aren’t going to get far without one! They are your power source (obviously) and they are the most important part of the vaping pen. Today, the e-cigarette market is loaded with all types of different batteries, but the one thing that all have in common is that they need to be taken care of properly to last any decent amount of time. Yes, batteries are entirely replaceable, but no one wants to be replacing them constantly. To ensure that your batteries are being treated right, and you are doing all that is humanly possible to make yours go the distance, here are some tips to keep yours lasting a while!

How to Store Your Battery

There are a variety of things not to do with your battery. How you store it is actually important, and certain other outside factors can actually dwindle its lifespan! We get it; daily life happens. You get into the habit of vaping and out of the habit of babying your vaporizer. Who has time to baby their vaporizer, in reality? Well, you may want to consider some extra precautions if you want your battery to last a decent amount of time. Heat and moisture, even indirect moisture like humidity, can do a number on a battery’s performance so you need to be careful. Leaving it in the car, leaving it on a hot windowsill, leaving it out on your patio, and especially leaving it near anything magnetic are all bad ideas and can cause damage to them. It’s also important to remember to keep your battery away from children, orally fixated pets, and any type of place they may be subjected to precarious situations like falls and what not.

Your best bet is one of our handy e-cigarette storage cases; designed for ultimate protection. They were designed to handle your e-cig batteries, and protect them when they aren’t in use.

Charge It Like You Mean It

Don’t wait for your battery to drain out of power completely, or get to that undesirable 0% level. Charging your battery when it’s at a 50% capacity or higher, is actually better for your battery. This method is less stressful, and will allow the battery to regain power more quickly.

Cleanliness is Next to…

You have to keep your vape stick clean. Yes, they are designed to be well-functioning, and to not leak, or accumulate grime, but things happen as you may very well know. Sometimes a little liquid may end up someplace it shouldn’t, sometimes it’s the added buildup of gunk on your hands, and other times the culprit can be dust particles in the air and moisture; however your e-cig gets dirty; it happens. And that is why you should have a regular practice of tidying things up.

A paper towel and an old toothbrush can be used to easily brush off and wipe off the areas of your battery where it connects to the cartomizer, as well as on the exterior, which obviously gets the most exposure. It’s a very little effort that can go a long way to keep your battery performing right.

So now that you know how to take care of your batteries right, we hope you do so! We want to see them last you a while, and now you have no excuse not to treat them properly! Use them right, store them right, keep them clean, and charge them before they get down to 0 capacity; there you have it! May you be blessed with exceptional performance!

What’s So Advanced About an Advanced Vaporizer?

VaporZone Advanced Vaporizer

Lately we’ve noticed that lots of e-cigarette retailers like to throw around the word “advanced” on their products—while continuing to offer the exact same device they came out with years ago. In the last couple years, a lot has changed in the world of vaping technology and many of the products you can buy from online dealers are simply outdated.

Not so with VaporZone.

What is it that makes a VaporZone e-cig so advanced you ask? Our personal vaporizers (PVs) are designed with both cool design and optimal functionality in mind.

Sleek Modern Exterior

Smokeless e-cigarettes that look identical to regular cigarettes tend to be the norm. But at VaporZone, we don’t believe that your progressive smokeless device has to mirror traditional tobacco smoking, which is why our vaporizers offer a new spin on how vapor smoking looks.

Just take one look at one of our vaporizers and you will immediately see a difference compared to basic e-cigarettes. For starters, our atomizer heads and tanks come in wide range of styles, shapes and sizes. Our tanks are designed with all different types of vapers in mind—and since the vaping community is so diverse in preferences, we’ve got plenty to choose from.

Plus, we think vaping should be fun! That’s why we offer vaporizers in a variety of different colors. You can pick a color to compliment your outfit or mood, and even mix and match the battery and cartomizer colors to add a personal touch.

High-Tech Design

It isn’t just the outward appearance that makes our personal vaporizers light years beyond the competition, but also the revolutionary technology that drastically improves the vaping experience by giving the user more control.

At the core of our advanced vaping device is a high-capacity battery which serves as the power source. However, our rechargeable batteries have a few awesome features that most basic batteries don’t have. They don’t just turn on and off – through an advanced vaping technique called variable voltage/wattage, our batteries also partner with the atomizer or cartomizer to get the best flavor and performance out of your custom e-liquids.

When you take a drag from you’re VaporZone PV, the battery sends a very exact charge measured in amps or mAh (which you set) into the atomizer, which in turn heats up the e-liquid and converts it into the nicotine-rich, flavored vapor that you inhale.

Feeling overdosed with information yet? We know that’s a lot of details in such a short amount of time, but these details are what make advanced vaping technology…well…advanced.

If you want to learn more about how our e-cigs work, visit our main site. Also, feel free to contact us at 1-855-93-VAPOR with any questions you may have.

Think Vaping is Expensive? Think Again

save-mony-on-cigarettes-with-smokeless-cigarettesWe all know that vaping is much more cost effective than smoking cigarettes, however there are still those who are wary when looking at the price of starting up with a kit that can cost over $50. While everyone is always looking to get the best deal, we are here to clarify things, and let you know: vaping is a whole lot cheaper!

Here is a look at the different costs associated with going the vapor route, and how they are truly much more affordable than opting to watch your money go up in smoke. When it comes down to it, whether you opt for the $25 vaping pen or the $179.99 Rebel Starter Kit, vaping is going to cost you less.

Liquids VS Tobacco

E-liquids cost way less than tobacco cigarettes, and especially if you smoke a lot. VaporZone liquids are sold in 30ml bottles that will run you $14.99 each, and with the average vaper’s use, comparable to about a pack a day, they last about a week. That’s right; imagine taking your smoking habit down to about $15 a week, as opposed to the $40-$70 you may currently be spending (depending on your locale and the current rate of a pack of smokes). Yes, the savings are very, very nice in that regard.

One-Time Fee VS Constant Spending

Whatever the cost of your starter kit, it’s generally a one-time cost. Sure, you may choose to add a few more vaping pens into your routine, you may want more accessories, and you may get into this whole thing as a hobby and want to try out everything. Even still, your general necessities are things you will not be constantly spending on, and you will not have to keep purchasing them. Unlike cigarettes, which you continuously need to supply yourself with, as well as all the extras such as lighters, fragrances, and whatever else you use to maintain the habit and cover it up.

Additional Costs

Traditional cigarettes can add all sorts of extra costs into your life, and you may not even think about them because you’re used to them. Because they are known to horrendously stain teeth, cause wrinkles, and dull the complexion, do you find yourself combating these effects with beauty products and teeth whitening treatments? Do you spend additional money keep your home and vehicle smelling good because of cigarettes?

There are many things that cause your expenses to increase as a result of smoking, and switching to e-cigarettes can really help cut many of these costs. And in the process, adding to your quality of life, offering a more convenient way to enjoy your nicotine, and increasing your enjoyment of it. Bottom line: vaping rocks. It costs less. And it’s more fun!

VaporZone is Proud to be a Sponsor at the 2014 Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival!

contestAmerica’s biggest, hottest gay pride celebration is about to kick off this week, and VaporZone is more than excited to be a sponsor this year! Joining the ranks of other world class cities across the globe, Miami Beach is celebrating their amazing LGBT community. The 6th annual Miami Beach Gay Pride kicks off on April 11 and goes through the 13th.

If there is one thing Miami Beach knows how to do, it’s through a damn good party. This year’s event will feature a parade, festival, and a wide range of other Miami Beach Pride sanctioned events. Each year the event has grown significantly from the last, and it truly is one of the best weekends of the year in Miami Beach. In fact, it is considered the biggest event to take over Miami Beach every year, and you bet it’s a blast for everyone who joins in the fun; it’s an event made to include everyone in the spirit of unity.

More than 125 LGBT-friendly vendors and businesses, celebrities, and musical performances will be there to keep the excitement, and it is an excellent place to show off your pride, and support the amazing Miami LGBT community. The parade will be especially exciting, with international celebrities Gloria Estefan and Kenny Ortega as the grand marshalls. An award will be handed out to the most creatively designed ensemble, in the spirit of pride, so make sure you look your prideful best. All are encouraged to enter, however only one will take home the award, which will land your image on a plaque to be displayed permanently at the Miami Beach LGBT Center!

The Gay Pride festival is extremely symbolic to the Miami Beach community because it supports the magnificent culture of diversity that makes the whole Miami-Dade Metro area exciting, unique, and a welcome place for all. Miami Beach Gay Pride is all about uniting in celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, along with their friends, their allies, and all who support the spirit and culture.

So, while you’re there this weekend, make sure to enter the parade contest by wearing your most spirited duds, look out for VaporZone e-cigarettes, and bring along plenty of unabashed pride! We’re sure it will be a blast!


5 Basic E-Liquid Safety Tips

liquid for e-cigarettes

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog or popular news, then perhaps you’ve heard about the New York Times article that has people on edge about the danger of e-liquid poisoning. In case you haven’t, here’s a quick summary: A recent report showed that accidental poisonings involving e-liquid are soaring, most notably among children. This is causing many parents to ask the question: When it comes to e-liquid, what can, and should, be done to reduce the risks of harm, especially to my children?

As you would expect, the backlash from this article is all across the board—from those saying this is proof that e-cigarettes are dangerous, to others arguing that the report unfairly targets e-smoking and fails to address the larger issue of responsible parenting.

And while the latter response is clearly more grounded in critical thought as opposed to media hype, we do think that this mistaken report does bring up an important topic: basic e-liquid safety.

So here are 5 important safety tips to keep in mind when dealing with e-liquid:

  1. Safe Storage

    If you have young children, then naturally you can (and should) be smart about how and where you keep your extra vaping supplies. High, out-of-reach cupboards or locked boxes are ideal locations to store e-liquid, as this prevents most small children from getting access to a bottle. Also, pure nicotine and e-liquid are flammable, so it should be stored in a place that is dark and cool, away from sources of heat and flame. This helps it to last longer too.

  2. Continue reading

New Blends and Our Flavor of the Month!

safe_imageAh, e-cigarette flavors! So many choices, so little time, right? Not in our book! We are all about flavor, as you probably already know, and we have started something very exciting: offering a “Flavor of the Month” where we highlight a particular blend, and offer it at a rather sweet discount of 25% off! This month’s flavor is our amazing “Godfather” blend, which is a delightful combination of Amaretto and Top Shelf Bourbon. It’s basically the vapor equivalent of a luxury cocktail, and is so good when vaping slowly. So, if you have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing this flavor yet, now is the time to do it!

And while we are on the subject of flavors and custom blending, you should know that we’ve added even more Top Blends to our site for your choosing. We get a lot of pleasure from coming up with new flavors for vaping; having over 30,000 different options means we’re always discovering new flavor pairings that further intensify our excitement, and yours! Some of our newest blended e-cigarette flavors include Mango Orange Fusion, which is a deliciously fruity blend of – you guessed it – orange and mango; Watermelon Chill, which blends the juicy flavor of watermelon with cool Menthol Ice for a very refreshing take on vapor; and Tobacco Menthol, which combines the classic flavors of tobacco and menthol for a rather enjoyable taste that lets you enjoy the most coveted flavors of the smoking world. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are plenty more blends where that came from!

While you can find e-liquids all over the place, online and in shops, we pride ourselves in not only having the highest quality, but also bringing you the largest variety of flavors, especially with the enticing advent of custom blending. So, cheers to our flavor of the month, and all the exciting flavors that await you with our newest top blends!