Vapers, You Have Rights: It’s Time to Get Loud

Vape Rights VaporFiAs you are probably aware, the electronic cigarette industry is growing at a super fast pace. If you are reading this right now, it’s probably because you are in one way or another affiliated with this awesome industry. And, as someone who has been affected by e-cigarettes, you know that along with all the positives, there have also been some growing pains and the ever-constant bark of regulations. So, as a vaper, are you in the know about what your rights are and are not? Is your voice being heard? Are aware that you have the right to voice your thoughts, opinions, and objections?

There is a boatload of misinformation around, from studies being published on major news sites to those being reported on television. That is not to say all the info out there is wrong; it’s just that there is a lot of varied info, often mixed reports, and a whole lotta skewered stories.

Currently, the FDA is running a series of workshops on e-cigarettes, and they are taking into account what you, the vaping community has to say. They ran the first of these workshops back in December 2014, and the majority of those presenting were consumer representatives, and not experts. As you can figure, these are not the best examples of the experience of the industry, and certainly not the most “expert” voices.

Because the e-cigarette industry is comprised of people from all walks of life, from all different backgrounds, who use all different products, and cover many different areas of the market; ranging from modders to beginners, single shop owners to franchisees, manufacturers to DIY-ers, there is a need for voices from all corners. If the FDA needs “expert” voices, there are none better than the experts who live and breathe this movement on the daily; US!

So, in this light, the CASAA, or Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association is collecting examples from those with firsthand knowledge, experience, and expertise. Please have a look at their blog post on the subject, have a vape and get inspired to put into word what you gotta say, because we are at a pivotal moment regarding regulations, and real life experiences are imperative. If you are wanting your voice to be heard on this massively important platform, now is the chance to make it happen. The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2015.

Custom is our Thang!

Custom VapesWe specialize in “custom.” It’s one of those rather amazing things we feel is such a necessity. For those of you who consider yourselves true vapers, you know the importance of having things at an individual level, because we’re all individuals, no matter how inspired we are by each other. So, allowing you to have a ton of options to vape as you please is what we’re all about. Keep reading for more info about how we can’t be beat when it comes to custom vapes. It all comes down to one concept: endless variety is a great, great thing!

Custom Built

Did you know our Custom Vape Builder can set you up with the vape of your dreams in minutes flat? Your options are all displayed before you; you select what you want, check it out as it comes to life, and when you’re satisfied you order it! Voila! We simplify the process, make it super fun, and streamline it to where it doesn’t involve hours of your time figuring out what you want. Instant gratification, yo!

Custom Blends

You’re probably aware of our custom e-liquid flavors by now; who in the vaping world isn’t? We can’t tell you how great it is to be able to have literally anything your mind can think of when it comes to liquids; you have to experience it for yourselves. Simply, anything you want, how you want it! And, because we’re all about making things taste exactly how you want them, you’ve got to check out our new flavor enhancers that can tweak flavors just so, to get a fruitier or sweeter taste.

Options Like You Can’t Imagine

There is no other brand out there doing what we are doing. If you’ve spent time perusing our site, and we know it can take hours, you would know that we offer a massive selection of batteries, mods, e-cigs, and vaporizer accessories to complete the experience, all with the best quality out there. We’ve thought of everything because we know you want it.

Individual tastes call for individualized vaping. With VaporFi, consider your fantasies materialized! Look no further for awesome selection and vaping that caters to you, because we believe in custom!

Water: Essential to Vaping

Water & VapingThe planet and our bodies are composed of 70% water; it’s an utter necessity. It is the source that sets our planet apart from all the other rocks out there, orbiting around our sun. It is the fuel to our life, and without it, this earth would be a barren desert. So, without getting all existential and mysteriously deep on you, let’s just say when vaping, you should really think about your water intake.

In everyday life, you should drink 6-8 glasses a day, however that’s the bare minimum. In actuality, whatever your weight, drink that number in ounces for ideal hydration. For instance, if you weigh 130 lbs., 130 ounces of water will do you well. The amount of functions your body uses water for are endless. Muscles, your brain, your digestion, your skin, your kidneys, you name it, it needs water. In fact, consuming enough water is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to stay healthy.

So what does all this water talk have to do with digital smoking? Lots! Did you know that when vaping, you need to drink a lot of water, especially when switching over? Water keeps the body hydrated, allows you to flush out the toxins from tobacco cigarettes more effectively, and refreshed your taste buds so that you can taste and enjoy the vapor better? It allows you take better hits, and it can help prevent dry mouth, which can cause coughing fits and nasty flavor in your mouth, and who wants that when they’re trying to enjoy some vapor?

For all these little e-smoking issues, especially when someone first makes the big switch to e-cigarettes, it’s amazing that something so simple as water can help alleviate the annoyances. Told you it was an essential!

Consider this a public service announcement. You can thank us later when you see the results. Sure, water may not be as exciting of a beverage as tossing back the diet colas and margaritas, but it’ll keep you help you vape more enjoyably! Plus it comes with the added benefit of keeping you healthy so you can enjoy those other fun beverages! Clean drinking water is a blessing and a luxury, so don’t overlook it! Drink up and be thankful!

VF Customer Service: Not your ordinary shopping experience

VaporFi Customer ServiceWanna know what sets us apart from 99.999% of other brands out there? We’re all about people. We are totally committed to you, our loyal customers, our awesome staff, and just about everyone we come into contact with. Why? Because the foundation of our business is dependent on giving you want you want and need, and ensuring you are supported.

We know how to treat our customers; we wouldn’t get far without ‘em! We aim to provide multiple avenues of support to give you various options for communication; whether you want to call, email, stop into one of our locations, or talk via social media, we’re here for you!

We hire awesome customer service peeps, so when you communicate, you’re greeted by humans, not robots. VaporFi staff are also members of this fabulous #vapefam, and they are versed in the culture because they live it. Knowledgeable about every aspect, if you have an issue and have specific questions about our products, chances are, our peeps will know how to help, and will know what you’re talking about.

In every VaporFi location, you can expect to be greeted by serious vape enthusiasts and e-cigarette industry experts. They know our products and they know what they’re talking about. Unlike other random vape shops, don’t expect retail kids who don’t know the last thing about the technology and science behind the vape. Au contraire, our staff and vapetenders even blow our minds with their badass, ninja skills!

We know that it is essential to have the best of the best working for us. We believe in our products all the way, and we are confident our customers are well-taken care of by these fabulous vape professionals!

Case in point: if you want customer service, we got ya covered. Our products rock. Our people rock. And we’ll take absolute care of you!

Fort Lauderdale Peeps: Come Celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary!

VaporFi Ft Lauderdale 1 Year AnniversaryThis is a shoutout to all of our awesome Fort Lauderdale peeps! We could not be more excited to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our Fort Lauderdale location. And because such an occasion deserves a meaningful, requisite celebration, we want all of you fine, local people in the Fort Lauderdale area to come out and blow some clouds with us tonight, Friday, March 20th from 5-9 pm!

In addition to the typical good time we have going on at any of our VaporFi locations, we’ll have goodies flowing, we will be giving away some kickass prizes, and there will be products raffled off. No, I’m not talking about raffling off the stuff you’d rather not win; I’m talking about some seriously rad, must-have stuff like a Vox 50 mod, among others! There will be tasty hors d’oeuvres and sweet discounts a-flowing! Not to mention, the first 15 guests through the doors will be handed a free bottle of e-liquid! Can we get a hell yeah?

While the scene is always great, and always proves to be a great experience for those who stop in for new vape pens, new e-liquids, and to check out our always bountiful selection of vape gear in the finest vape shop Fort Lauderdale has to offer, the VaporFi 1 year anniversary will be an event not to be missed!

VaporFi Fort Lauderdale is located at 3061 North Federal Hwy, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, at the SW corner of Oakland and US1.

So if you’re in the area, come on by! After work, before you head out for the evening, or if you’re just getting into Fort Laudy for a night out, come celebrate with us! We look forward to bringing the vape goods to our fabulous vape fam for a long time to come!

7 Tips to Prolong Your E-Cigs Battery Life


We‘ve sure come a long way from having to use those expensive disposable batteries in the first generation electronic cigarettes!  The rechargeable lithium ion batteries that now comes standard with second and third generation devices are amazing and have advanced the technology behind vaping by leaps and bounds.
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VaporFi Reviews

e-cigarette reviewsSo you’re looking around for some reputable feedback on e-cigarettes and vaporizers. You browse, you research, and are finding it really difficult to find exactly the kind of info you want. You know, in depth, first-hand, with actual deets on how specific products work. You aren’t the only one.

In the e-cigarette market, it can really be tricky to find accurate and informative reviews that actually give you some insight. We know this, and we know when browsing you are going to want those first hand experiences, so on our website, nearly all of our products feature first-hand accounts from actual customers about each and every item. So, if you want to know about other user’s experiences specifically with the Pro, the Air, the Vox, or just about anything else, the reviews are right there. Also included sometimes is feedback directly from us, so you get to peek in on that dialogue. And, this stuff really makes the buying experience awesome because you are more likely to know what you’re getting into vs. chancing it on products you have heard nothing about.

So, how do you know these VaporFi reviews are “real?” Well, we give our customers great incentives to take the time to leave reviews. If you are a customer and haven’t participated, you really should get down to business! By simply being a customer, you are entered into our rewards program, VaporFi Rewards and this earns you points, (which translate to dollar$) for all of your purchases, for the reviews you leave, posts you share on Facebook, and when you have a birthday. These points add up and get you mad money saving goodness to spend with us in the future.

These real-life accounts are pretty awesome because we love hearing about how things are working for you, as it helps us fix errors, see where things are excelling, and where improvements need to be made. They’re also pretty priceless for curious customers because they are a window into the performance and what they can expect.

So, as a customer, after you’ve used one of our products, would you be inclined to leave a review about the item and your experience if you know you’re going to see some kind of incentive? And, if you find yourself among those looking for some experiences from those who’ve used certain things, we are pleased to offer them up right here!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

VaporFi X St. Patrick's DayReady to get lucky today? Because we love you and a good reason to get all festive, until 11:59 PM tonight, a slew of our best-selling green products are on sale at 25% off! Here are some of these fabulous items:

If you are going out, as most cities in America put on some pretty rowdy parties, we encourage you to bring your vape pens to keep totally satisfied, because what goes better with beer than hella good vapor? If you’re up for being totally festive, grab a color-coordinating green Pro vaporizer to accessorize with! It’ll match your shamrock hat and glasses perfectly!

If you need some signature flavors to capture the moment, we strongly urge you to give our Blend of the Month for March a go. This one is Irish Coffee e-liquid, and it was obviously created to honor March’s most fun and celebratory holiday. And, because we rock, this delectable blend is priced at 25% off for the whole month! If you like your coffee sweet, creamy, and with a searing bite from a shot of whiskey, this flavor will make you melt! It is the perfect flavor to vape with your actual Irish-style coffee, a pint of green beer, or as you throw back the whiskey.

So, we wish you a super happy St. Patty’s Day from VaporFi! Yes, today may be better known as “annual wear green day,” but it goes further than that! It is also about talking with your favorite, overused Irish slang, blasting the bagpipe Celtic tunes, drinking green beer, dining on corned beef and cabbage, hitting your local Irish pub for a good time, and making some great memories! Considering this nation’s immense Irish heritage, (approximately 10% of the American population has some Irish ancestry!) St. Patrick’s Day is always a fun time to tip our hats to our Irish roots!