High-end vaporizers: more than just fancy gadgets

vf_rocket_starter_kit_blackIf you are into alternative cigarette products you’re probably aware of advanced vaporizers, otherwise known as mods. Regardless of what your opinion of them is, especially if you’re still using basic e-cigarettes, they have become insanely popular over the past few years. Nowadays, in fact, those who consider themselves serious vapers, or enthusiasts, are way more into vaporizers, and are done using basic products.

So if you’re on the fence about using a mod, here’s a look at why they are amazing. While they might seem to be just expensive gadgets, high-end vaporizers do way more than look like space-age smoking pens.

First things first, let’s get the fundamentals down. Vaporizers are built very similar to e-cigs, only with much larger, more advanced parts. They essentially work the same way: with a battery for power, a tank that holds the liquid, an atomizer that vaporizes the liquid, and a mouthpiece where the puffing is done from.

The advantages of these innovative devices lie in the vaporizers’ ability to hold a large quantity of liquid, having a much more powerful battery, and being able to customize each device in a variety of ways to suite your personal preferences. Holding more liquid means the user will have to replace it less often, and can vape heavier amounts more often. A more powerful battery allows for more power when vaporizing the liquid, resulting in larger hits of vapor and nicotine. It basically comes down to greater intensity and higher performance.

There is also a great benefit to using e-liquids as well because they come in a great range of flavors (50+), and they can be custom blended in up to 30,000 different possibilities. So if flavor options are something you’re interested in, they’re practically endless.

Advanced personal vaporizers are all about advanced personal customizing your smoking device.  They give you many advanced options for creating exactly the experience you want from your vaporizer. More or less vapor, more power/ less power, bigger or smaller tanks, all in a variety of different pen styles. Customizing is a huge deal to those who are really into vaping, and having things work exactly how you want them to takes the experience from just a way to get nicotine to something highly pleasurable.

While the price of vaporizers might scare some smokers and e-cigarette users off, in this market you pay for what you get. High-end devices usually mean high-performance, exceptional design, and top quality.  Luckily for you if you’re purchasing a high-end vaporizer from VaporFi, you are getting only the best machines around, and at the best prices.
Mods are a lot more than just fancy gadgets that produce nicotine vapor; they offer an amazing experience, allowing you to enjoy your electronic smoking on so many levels!

Regulation Issues Facing the Electronic Cigarette Industry

Electronic cigarettes, although believed to be much less harmful than traditional cigarettes, face many forms of regulation in all levels of government.  The ever popular vaping generation can expect various issues to pop up on a regular basis as to what is allowed, where and to whom.  Below are some recent regulatory issues that have been proposed.

The latest controversial regulation issue was brought forth on August 26th from the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Basically WHO believes that flavored e-liquids are an extreme attraction for the younger generation and should be carefully monitored.  Their opinion is also that the e-cig industry is targeting the younger generation by offering these types of e-liquid such as fruity and candy like tastes. WHO states that the amount of adolescent users has doubled between the years 2008 to 2012.

While VaporFi agrees these over 30,000 flavor combinations that we offer are quite appealing, we by no means believe in selling to anyone under the age of 18.

Indoor use is of concern to WHO as well as having an e-cig in a vending machine.  All of their concerns were listed in their report.  In the report, the WHO said there are 466 brands of electronic cigarettes and the industry represents “an evolving frontier filled with promise and threat for tobacco control.”

The FDA is also an organization that often seeks tight control of electronic cigarettes.

Earlier this year the FDA released its long awaited proposed e-cig regulations.  Since releasing this information they have had over 70,000 comments and letters from 29 state Attorney Generals asking for more marketing regulation of electronic cigarettes.

One of the most recent and controversial proposed regulations is a registration and approval process for electronic cigarettes.  The FDA is asking for each manufacturer to supply an ingredient list as well as details of the manufacturing process and scientific data to back up what they have produced.

Comments regarding various regulations have varied, with health care agencies asking for more regulations while electronic cigarette companies worry that too many regulations will limit the public’s options.

State and local governments are just as important to the regulation process as the FDA and WHO agencies.   Each state is able to make its own decisions about many issues regarding electronic cigarettes.  For example, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City have banned indoor smoking of e-cigs.  Other issues include taxes and underage sales bans.

For regular updates on the latest issues regarding electronic cigarette regulation, please read our blog and knowledge center.  Whatever any issues of future regulation may be, VaporFi is confident we can offer you plenty of product to choose from as well as a very satisfying vaping experience.

Football Season, Vaping Season!

hi-res-453329813-ryan-tannehill-and-mike-pouncey-of-the-miami-dolphins_crop_northWe love us some football (remember our awesome Super Bowl commercial last year?) and we are absolutely thrilled that football season is officially on! College football Saturdays, all-day football on Sundays, Monday night football, and every other night that football happens, it’s America’s most popular sport and for many, it’s the  most exciting time of the year!

There’s nothing like enjoying football games using vaporizers and electronic cigarettes for those sports fans among us who have ditched tobacco. You never have to miss any of the action or any of the plays by being outside smoking, which you’ve probably experienced at some point and know how much it sucks! When vaping, you get to enjoy it all without harassing anyone with your smoke, you can concentrate on the game, and get even more comfortable in front of the tube knowing you can have your nicotine without losing out on viewing any of the good stuff!

Vaping and football go hand-in-hand, just like vaping and anything enjoyable go hand-in-hand. Throwing back a few beers? Noshing on some seriously delicious munchies? Watching your favorite team put a proper beat down on their top arrival? Yes e-smoking is the perfect match for all these things! If you want to add even more pleasure to the experience, we totally suggest hooking yourself up with some new custom-blended e-liquid flavors and maybe some accessories for added versatility; like a properly color-coordinated Pro vaporizer and tank in your team’s colors.

If you plan on seeing any of the games live at the stadium it’s good to know that many stadiums do allow fans to vape freely. Others, though, require you to vape in designated areas during the games, so check beforehand. Should you be getting in on the tailgating beforehand, using e-cigarettes and mods make much more sense because you won’t be creating any secondhand smoke while mingling with others. Nor will you look like that out of touch fan who still puffs away on old fashioned cancer sticks.

So kick-off is on, y’all! The next five months are going to be pretty darn interesting while NFL and college football take over our attention spans! Enjoy those games, enjoy your vapor and do it all together for maximum fun!

Vapor Smoking in the Office

OS  DIGITAL RISK MAITANDVaping is happening everywhere. You can easily spot people using electronic cigarettes and advanced vaporizers in all varieties of public places, all the time now. But how about in the workplace? Are you vaping at work? How do your employers feel about e-cigarettes being used during working hours?

For many people, their bosses are cool with vapor cigarettes being used at any time. They like that their employees are not taking excessive smoke breaks and that they are able to smoke as they want, without causing others to be inconvenienced or bothered by the smell of smoke. In other words, employers like the fact that their workers are able to concentrate on their work without having their minds on smoking. Basically, they see the benefits to electronic smoking and see the improvements in productivity while maintaining employee satisfaction; something every boss wants!

In other situations, however, superiors are not so embracing  of tobacco alternatives, and e-cigarette users have no other choice but to use the same smoking regulations as tobacco smokers. They still see electronic cigarettes as “smoking”, and regard them the same. They may acknowledge the fact that e-smoking is different, however they remain ambivalent about allowing the products to be used indoors and during work hours until more studies and research are released.

For those employers who are on the fence and considering implementing an e-smoking policy, there are a few things you should keep in mind when doing so. Here are some things to think about:

-Be certain on whether e-cigarettes will be outright banned, allowed in designated areas, etc.

-Be very clear on what is and isn’t allowed in terms of smoking cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

-Get feedback from all employees and take it into consideration. Are there a large number of smokers in your workplace? Are there nonsmokers who are not tolerant of e-cigarettes being used indoors? Is everyone highly enthusiastic about e-cigarettes being allowed? Get an idea of where everyone stands before making decisions.

As vaporizers and electronic cigarettes become more and more popular and they become more widely accepted, it’s great to see that smokers are being given more options because of electronic cigarettes, rather than continuously losing them. The workplace certainly raises some issues, however the benefits of e-cigarettes being used in lieu of traditional cigarettes definitely has upped the ability to please all parties involved.

Talking About Titanium

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 11.04.58 AMThe Titanium Tank is basically bliss, have you tried it yet? It is one of our very best tanks, and vapers have been raving about it since it was released. If you’d like to know more about this awesome little keeper of e-liquid, keep reading! Guaranteed you’re going to want to hook your vape pen up with this one as a result!


First things first, the Titanium Tank is loaded with style. Modern-looking, with a gleaming stainless steel body and a glass tank, this thing is eye-catching! Even more interesting is that it can be either a glass or metal tank, you can swap the glass portion of the tank for a stainless steel tube if you prefer.

Size Matters

3.5 ml means this tank was made for those who take their vaping seriously, and want a serious amount of liquid in their device. Heavy vapers and those who are after exceptionally large hits are going to get real cozy with this one! For those of you who want a powerful, sizeable tank (70mm) that offers a very large capacity, the Titanium was made for you.

Performance Specs

This tank was designed to perform like a champ when paired with high performance advanced vaporizers. It features the incomparable Airflow Control Base, enabling you to customize how it runs; not many tanks give you that kind of control over it’s functions. It is a bottom atomizer and offers 1.8 ohm resistance, which makes a big difference to some vapers. Compatible with both the Rebel and Pro vaporizers, this is one tank that brings a whole lot to the table!

What’s Included:

You bet a tank this dynamic comes with more than just a body! The Titanium Tank includes:

  • 1 Stainless Steel Tube
  • 1 Glass Tube
  • 1 Mouthpiece
  • 1 Airflow Control Base
  • 2 Dual Coil Atomizers
  • 1 Collar

If you’re ready for an upgrade with your Rebel or Pro mods, or are looking for a versatile and powerful tank, let the Titanium Tank work it’s magic. Serious vaping calls for serious machines!

Introducing Unsurpassed Power: the VOX 50

VOX50We know you like power. We know you like performance. We know you like having your mind blown. Keeping this in mind, we have created, an advanced vaporizer like none other, and we are beyond excited that it is on the verge of launching. Ladies and gents, get ready to e with the VOX 50, AKA our most powerful mod yet!

This brilliant machine goes further into extremes than any other vaporizer available. It hosts a bevy of sick features, can be controlled in a variety of ways, and has the capacity of running at a maximum of 50 watts; and that my friends, is a boatload of power.

Variable voltage is one of those must-have vaping options. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but anyone who vapes and likes having control of their device will dig it. And the VOX 50 takes control to new heights, enabling you to adjust the output from 7 watts to 50 watts; which by vaping standards is a massive range. It also features an auto Ohm Resistance Meter, temperature protection, output short circuit protection, low voltage protection, input high voltage warning, and a vented battery casing; among many more incredible specs! The VOX 50 works with tanks and atomizers with resistance from 0.2 ohm (sub) – 3.0 ohm, so there are several tanks that can work their magic with this machine.

As far as looks go, the VOX 50 mod is a stainless steel stunner. A uniquely modern design, it features sharp, squared edges, an exterior OLED digital screen, and a gleaming stainless body. And, to keep it interesting, the entire unit can fit into the palm of your hand; it’s basically like a hand-held pocket rocket!

Be warned, however! The VOX 50 is not a beginner’s machine, as enticing as it seems. While beginners are free to use any devices they choose, we highly recommend learning a thing or two about vaping with advanced vaporizers before delving into the unknown with this one!

Sold in starter kits or as individual pieces, the VOX 50 is currently on pre-order, and will be shipping on 9/22. If you’re interested in getting your hands on this monumental vape pen, act fast because quantities are limited!

Happy Labor Day Weekend from VaporFi!

10414454_541035559331862_2602189648581661744_n-1It’s Labor Day Weekend, and we sure hope you are getting your fill of fun on this last official weekend of the summer! Whether you’re on a getaway, enjoying yourself locally, taking part in beach festivities and BBQ’s, hopefully you are taking full advantage of all the hot labor day sales every retailer in the USA is hosting right now! Because, in addition to the parties, and commemorating the labor force for a job well done, this weekend is all about getting the most bang for your buck!

And this Labor Day Weekend, VaporFi is no different! We are having a rad site-wide 30% off sale on just about everything! So if you want something, now is the time to grab it! Vaporizers, starter kits, e-liquids, accessories, it’s all on sale!

When it comes to having a blast in the company of others, when you’re a smoker you know the smoke just doesn’t fly. Sure, it wafts, floats, and eventually dissipates, leaving a trail of odor and tar particles behind, but to most people, nonsmokers and former smokers particularly, the second hand smoke fumes and stink are not welcome. And who wants to be partying it up on Labor Day Weekend creating a smoky nuisance of themselves? Especially when you could be touting a sweet advanced mod, looking all stylish with it in hand, and vaping as you please without being an old-fashioned, obnoxious tobacco smoker.

There’s nothing like scoring the stuff you want or need at a big discount; who doesn’t love saving some dough? VaporFi’s Labor Day Weekend sale runs through Monday night at 11:59 PM, so get busy havig fun and shopping!

Celebrate Labor Day Weekend right, y’all! Close out the summer with a big cloud of vapor and a bang! We encourage you to take full advantage of all the goodies you can, because with these awesome prices, you’d be crazy not to!

Celebs and the Vape Pen

602de86759568f6edb2d411d45d504cbCelebrities using electronic cigarettes is nothing new. In fact, most people learned of electronic alternative cigarettes because Hollywood A-listers were seen using them everywhere all the time. While it may have seemed these technologically-advanced, modern cigarettes were simply a trend, and the stars would soon be back to using good old tobacco, that was anything but reality.

These days, celebs continue to get into high tech e-cigarettes, going after the most up to the minute products, understanding the hot allure of electronic smoking, loaded with the pleasure they crave without the hangups that come with smoking, like yellow teeth, extra wrinkles, health problems, and the worst of all when it comes to your image: looking like you’re behind on the times, using unfashionable tobacco cigs!

While celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Robert Pattinson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Britney Spears, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Nikki Reed, Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest, Sean Penn, Jenny McCarthy, Mickey Rourke, Kate Moss, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Eva Mendes, Stephen Dorff, and Bruno Mars have been public about their use of vapor, and happy to be seen in public using their tobacco alternatives, lately quite a few big names have been seen using more advanced vaporizers, showing their love of the e-cigarette by taking it to the next level.

This past week, during a broadcast of the Emmys, comedienne Sarah Silverman proudly showed up on the red carpet with her vape pen, demonstrating to host Giuliana Rancic how her device worked.

She isn’t the only one, however. Other stars who have been using their vape pens in public include Katy Perry, John Cusack (throughout the movie Drive Hard), Lou Diamond Phillips, Snoop Dogg, Carla Bruni,  Katherine Heigl, and the lovely Lady Gaga. They get that basic e-cigs only do so much, and if you’re into supreme performance, vape pens are the way to go. Whoopi Goldberg, also an advanced vape pen enthusiast, recently wrote a column on her love of vaping with a hi-tech device, entitled “My Vape Pen and I, a Love Story.”

Vaping has become really big, and as more people get into advanced vaping, you know celebs are going to be right there at the forefront, using the best of the best products. Vaping rocks, and hi-tech mods are the way to go. Vape on, my friends!

“Vape” Added to Oxford Dictionary

If you follow our blog much, you know that we like to post pieces aimed at improving your vaping enjoyment and keeping you in the loop—for instance, troubleshooting tips, how to’s and the latest research on digital cigs from around the world. But occasionally we come across a story that isn’t necessarily “useful” or “informative”— it’s just cool.
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Introducing the Rocket!

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 4.41.47 PMThe Rocket is going to Rock your world! If you are in the market for an advanced vaporizer that has the potential to blow your mind and blast you you into the stratosphere with power, performance, and impeccable functioning, this baby was made for you. Pre-ordering for the Rocket starter kit is happening right now, so get on it if you want to do some serious vaping! You can grab this as soon as it launches.

With an ultra-powerful, high wattage 1600 mAh variable voltage battery, you bet this vaporizer is a force to be reckoned with. It is a top of the line design, created for total personalized control. Two hot color options are available; black or stainless steel.

The kit also comes with a high capacity 2.5 ml Rocket tank which features airflow control, for the best vaporizing and hitting action; a USB cable, a wall charger, and 5 (bottom) atomizers delivering 1.8 ohm; all for the exciting price of $119.99.

The Rocket battery features the always-coveted option of variable voltage, which is a technical term for the option of controlling the level of vapor your device can produce. If you like being able to control every aspect of your vape pen, you know how great it is to have. It really ups the bliss factor, and if you are a vaping connoisseur, you know how important it is to have things running precisely the way you want. If you’re into customizing your device, the Rocket is compatible with a great selection of other VaporFi tanks, such as the Platinum Tank, the Premium Tank, the Clear Tank, among others.

So if you’re ready for an upgrade, ready to add another great powerful APV to your collection, or are ready to start vaping with total seriousness, pre-order the Rocket! You will not regret this one, guys!