Get into the Flavor of the Season

VaporFi Peppermint Bark E-LiquidThe holiday season is about so much of the essence of the pleasures. It’s about the happiness in sharing good times with those you love. It’s about the fun, the joy, and the flavors. Oh…. the flavors! Whether they’re family traditions, newfound discoveries, or adding festive tastes into your everyday experience (hello, peppermint mochas!) so much about the holidays involve savoring the deliciousness of the flavors. And we are so down with it! Flavor is, after all, our thing!

When it comes to vaping, no one offers what we offer in regards to e-liquid flavors. We take it to the extreme in the best possible ways, with the best ingredients producing the best flavors, and the largest variety of e-liquid flavors available anywhere! Seriously, with 30,000 different possibilities, we lack for nothing in offerings! So when we mention holiday flavors for vaping, you bet we’ve got a whole lotta good in our tanks!

December’s Blend of the Month is Peppermint Bark, and this one should not be missed! If you like rich, decadent dark chocolate paired with rich hazelnut and the bold burst of peppermint, you get a creation that encapsulates all that holiday season deliciousness imaginable! Flavor is one of the best reasons to be vaping with e-liquids! If you haven’t yet grabbed this one, do so before it loses it’s fab 25% off price too!

If you’re looking for other delicious flavors that capture the season, we totally suggest Grandma’s Thanksgiving Apple Pie, because even though Thanksgiving is gone for 2014, this flavor is still a seasonal icon! Other great VaporFi Top Blends include the always-extraordinary Godfather blend, TobaccoLicious, ChocoJava, and Sweet Tobacco, which really captures the party vibe the holidays really inspire! Other great single flavors are Red Hot Cinnamon, Mighty Menthol, Decadent Dip, and Amaretto!

Flavor is just one of the many ways to really enjoy the magic of the season, and we totally encourage you to take full advantage with your vape pen! As the season is also well known for inspiring most of us to overindulge in treats, vaping allows you the pleasure in a guilt-free format! Enjoy it all!

How-To: Refill Your Juice

Refilling your e-liquid may seem a little daunting at first, we know all about it! You don’t want to spill it, you don’t want to pour it down the wrong part of the tank, you certainly don’t want to waste any of your precious e-juice! So here’s what you need to know about filling your liquid without running into problems. Keep in mind, you will probably spend a little time in the beginning getting the hang of it, however it won’t be long before you’re filling tanks like a pro!

The most common method of refilling a cartomizer is done by dripping the liquid in. This is the easiest way to do it, and the most guaranteed way of getting an accurate, spill-proof refill. Before you begin, make sure your battery is completely unscrewed from the tank. While it may seem like an extra, unnecessary step, it’s really important. Leaving it attached while you fill, and should a spill happen, your battery will be in the perfect position to get completely destroyed by the leak.

How to Fill Your Tank:

So, once you’ve got your battery unscrewed, remove the plastic cap. If you find a rubber ring beneath it, remove that as well. Once those are taken out and you have a clear view in, examine the area of the tank to make sure your wicks are in good condition and there are no burn marks around the wicks. If there are, dispose it. Otherwise, proceed with the refill.

Hold the tank at a slight angle, and begin dripping the juice in one drop at a time, till you get between 25-30 drops. You don’t want to fill beyond 75% capacity or you will be getting fully acquainted with leaks. Now you can close up that tank, attach it the battery, and get to vaping without any hassles! Voila! That’s it!

Filling a vape tank isn’t particularly difficult, however in the beginning it’s an acquired skill. So worth the effort over using cartridges, and in time it will be like second nature!

The Holiday Happenings!

Santa SleighYou know we love a good celebration, and the holiday season is just that! So we are thrilled to be giving you plenty of reasons to be vaping with us, and saving while you do so! We’ve got a ton of offerings to make your season brighter, and your vapor that much more enjoyable! For the vapers and vapers-to-be in your life, our products make banging gifts! If you’re thinking about surprising someone with something from our vast offerings, know they will be pleased to receive the very best this market offers!

Have you checked out the VaporFi Gift Guide yet? It’s got the breakdown of what to get every type of smoker/ vaper in your life!

If you’re looking to make purchases to specifically arrive by Christmas, keep in mind you’ve got to be on it now! If you plan on using Standard Shipping, your order needs to be in by 12pm EST on December 16. December 19, at 12 EST is your last chance for Priority Shipping, so keep it mind if you’re still undecided. For those last minute orders and gifts, December 22nd is the deadline to make the 2-Day Express cut. And, the absolute last chance you’ll have to make it on time for a Christmas delivery, using Overnight Express will be on December 23, at 12 pm! So get that holiday shopping done so you aren’t scrambling and stressing at the last moment! As we all know, the holidays are best enjoyed with cheer, not stress!

In other news, make sure to get in on December’s Blend of the Month, the savory, delectable, and oh so sweet ‘n tingly, Peppermint Bark! This is one Blend of the Month  not to be missed, and we are certain it will be the perfect flavor to get you into the holiday spirit!

So as you can see, we are stoked that it’s the holiday season and we are beyond thrilled about people spreading the VaporFi love with others! The gift of vaping; man is it merry!!!

Don’t Be That Guy: E-Cig Users Who Make Vapers Look Bad, Part 1


It is an unfortunate truth that there are those e-cig users who give us respectable vapers a bad name by completely ignoring basic e-cig etiquette. You know who we’re talking about—the vapers who like to act like e-cig evangelists, make a scene of vaping anywhere they go and who aren’t considerate to others when vaping in public.
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VF Gift Guide: For the Ladies

Girls Who Vape Love VaporFiGirls who vape are rad. And if you’re shopping for a certain lucky lady, whether she’s your mom, sister, daughter, BFF, or significant other, and you know she’s fan of top-quality vaping products, here’s our gift guide specifically tailored to what the vaping gals are looking for.

For the Beginner:

Perhaps she’s still smoking analogs. Or she has dabbled in vapor but has yet to settle on an A+ e-cig model. Get her a super sweet Express Starter Kit if she’s into basic. This version is not only great-looking, but it gets the job done without a complicated set up. This is as close to a traditional cigarette as it gets, with all that VaporFi quality you can trust. If you think more advanced is more up her alley, an Air Starter Kit will be awesome!

For the Proud Vaper:

She vapes, make no mistake about it. She won’t touch anything containing tobacco, and knows her fair share about the vape gear out there. Get her something badass, such as a Platinum Pro vaporizer or a Rocket. Both of these will please anyone who receives such a fabulous, rockin’ gift, and both will show you care about her desire for lots of power and an exceptionally smooth ride. By just a glimpse, she’ll know you did your homework on this one.

The Hobbyist:

A VF Rebel II. Don’t think this is too advanced for her if she’s into hard-core vaping, because in that case, only the best will do.

The Girl Who Builds:

She’s a keeper! The Bolt RDA and/ or the Vox. This is what she really wants and she’ll be more than pleased to receive  it. This is what’s on every serious vaper’s must-have list this year!

Sure Shot Stocking Stuffers:

Make her eyes light up like a Christmas tree with any of these thoughtful extras! E-Juice, because if she vapes, she uses it! Extra bottles of e-liquid, maybe a Sampler Pack, perhaps in her favorite flavors or grab a few, new custom blends you think she’d like! If you know which device she uses you could get different compatible accessories to add to the package, and if all else fails, VaporFi gift cards go a very long, satisfying way!

Diacetyl… Dia-What?!

VaporFi Diacetyl-Free E-Liquid

Ever wonder what’s in your e-liquid? Like, besides the obvious PG and VG bases, what else is submerged in that clear suspension? Well, one substance you may or may not have heard of, diacetyl, is sometimes found in certain e-liquids, and it really ins’t the best thing to be breathing into the depths of your lungs. Precisely why we abstain from including this stuff in our e-liquids and e-liquid! (Yes, VaporFi makes only diacetyl-free e-liquids!) Continue reading to learn more about diacetyl, and the reasoning behind our commitment to keeping it out of your body!

Diacetyl is a commonly found chemical in both electronic as well as traditional cigarettes. While there has not been a whole lot of discussion regarding this particular chemical, and the FDA has categorized it as generally safe for consumption, when it is inhaled it has the potential to produce toxic effects.

What exactly is diacetyl? Also flying under the cover of butanedione, it is a soluble organic compound that is created as a byproduct of fermentation. It produces a strong buttery flavor, therefore it is most often used in a variety of substances, such as food and beverages as a substitute butter flavoring. 

Diacetyl has been linked to a specific type of lung disease, known as “popcorn lung,” which has been on record since the year 2000. Because of its highly serious destructive effects, it is an ingredient consumers should exercise caution with and avoid if possible.

What this has to do with vaping is that users should abstain from breathing this chemical into their lungs. While popcorn lung has not been attributed to using electronic cigarettes, especially due to the fact that those vaping with electronic cigarettes are exposed to so little of it, it is enough of a concern that many e-liquid manufacturers are heeding caution and keeping it out of their products.

So breath calmly and enjoy vaping with VaporFi, knowing full and well we have nothing to do with this stuff! All of our e-juice, all single flavors and all 30,000 different blends are all diacetyl-free. When it comes to e-liquids, there are tons of options out there and a lot of different ingredients that can produce super flavors without exposing users to the risk of something a scary as popcorn lung. Besides, fake butter flavor is not really that big of a deal when it comes to the liquids! You’re not missing anything, and if you’re really craving butter, why not have have some toast or a croissant? 

VF Men’s Gift Guide

VaporFi Gifts for HimBuying vape gear for the guys for the holidays? Whether it’s for that special someone, a few dudes you know, or a friend who is always seeking out the best mods out there; we’ve got a few recommendations that will really make the vaping fellas you know happy!

  • Style: For the guy who’s big on style, here are our picks. Style matters; vapes look awesome!
  • The Pro Starter Kit in colors, perhaps to match his alma mater?
  • Either version of the VF Rebel, because this mod looks incredible and will surely have heads turning when it’s used.
  • A sleek lanyard to hold his vape around his neck. Useful, attractive, chic, and perfectly functional!

Home: Vaping at home, in your home, as part of your home lifestyle is one of the best things about being a vaper. Goodbye to outdoor-only nicotine pleasure!

  • A VaporFi Pulse Starter Kit. The standup charger is the sickest charging option; it looks badass in use. Who doesn’t like a little vape display?
  • Extra Chargers. For home use, it’s never a bad thing to have a couple extra!

Tech: What every serious vaper is after!

  • The VaporFi Orbit is for the vaper who is looking for the best in non-combustible herb vaping. This thing is considered among the best on the market, and comes at a steal of a price!
  • The VOX and VOX Starter Kit are made specifically for the DIY-ers, the self-proclaimed vape geeks, and the guys who are much more down with building their mods themselves as opposed to receiving them ready to go. We totally get it; there’s a certain intimacy you have with your vape when you build it yourself, and this machine was made to blow some minds. A total guy-device, this is the way to a vape geek’s heart!
  • A VF Gift Card. We know, it’s not the most inventive gift, but it can be wrought with meaning and allows the techy to get exactly what they want.

Shopping for men is not always easy (whether you’re a guy or gal!), because as easy as they consider themselves to be, most have specific guidelines to that “easiness” that can make gift buying complicated. Guys who vape are typically of the tech-savvy, and one sure way to give a great gift is by going after the very cool, advanced items out there. Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty! ;)


Holiday Travel? Bring Your Vapor!

vaporfi miamiThis winter is shaping up already, and if you happen to live in one of the country’s colder locales, you’ve got to be bracing! With the holidays right upon us, are you fantasizing about heading someplace out of town? If you are planning to dip out for New Years, Christmas, or to escape the cold, get immersed in the cold, or just need a getaway of any sort, here are the best places to dash off to soon, and enjoy your vaping in the process! Winter vacations are often the best antidote to decompress after the rush and madness of the holiday season, so here’s to unwinding with big clouds of vapor, a vape pen in hand, and utterly in style!

Hit the Big City: New York around the holidays; there’s nothing like it, and no better time to be in the City! Take in the lights and sights, and if you’re there for New Year’s Eve, make sure to catch a glimpse of the epic annual ball drop! Be careful where you vape, though, as it’s not the smartest idea to be whipping out that mod all over the place in the concrete jungle!

Miami: Our home town is one of the hottest winter destinations on planet earth! There is no where else you can party like this, and it’s the ideal spot to be defrosting if you’re coming in from the cold. Big plus for all you vapers out there: Miami is a super vape-friendly city! Be sure to check out one of our many SoFla VaporFi locations, jump into the warm waters of the beach, and definitely get your tail into one of the clubs!

Jackson Hole: National parks, world class skiing, and the glory of nature decked out in winter: this is the place to be if you’re into the great outdoors, no matter what the temperature! If you want the perfect balance of an adrenaline rush and the calmness of Mother Nature surrounding you, check out this outdoorsy hotspot!

So, you ready to jet? Ready for a winter break? Need a vacay ASAP? We don’t blame you! Holiday travel and post holiday travel are on the minds of everyone; who couldn’t use a getaway right about now? Remember to pack your vape gear wisely, bring lots of extra e-liquid, extra batteries, chargers, and a safe place to store your stuff. May your travels be safe, and your vapor satisfying!

VaporFi Gift Byuing: What to get the Beginner Vaper

VaporFi gifts: best vapes for beginnersSo you’re going to be purchasing a Christmas/ holiday gift for someone who is new to vaping. Either they are still smoking traditional cigarettes (gag) or they are exploring different options in the area of vaping. You know you want to get them a vape-related gift, but aren’t sure which would suit them best. In that case, you’ve entered the appropriate territory. Here are our takes on what the best gifts for a newbie vaper are. Don’t forget, if all else fails, there’s nothing quite like a VaporFi gift card! Introduction to Vaping: for the smoker who has never experienced vaping, the VaporFi Express starter kit rocks! Basic e-cigs that feature VaporFi standards and quality, plus the ease of using cartridges. Sleek, nonchalant cigarette look, great battery power, and a solid hit makes these the perfect gift for someone who wants to experience vaping. Intro to Vaping for a Techie: the VaporFi Air will make an amazing gift for someone who is looking to experiment with electronic smoking. More power than the Express, with all the conveniences and tech-specs of advanced vaporizers. Lots of versatility, immense vapor production, superior hits; this is a fabulous entry into the world of high-powered vaping. Hard to Please Beginner who likes Power: Get them a Pro starter kit. Don’t worry about whether or not they’ll know what to do with it; they’ll figure it out. The Pro is one of our best sellers, and it promises a serious experience with exquisite performance. Any smoker or e-smoker would be delighted to unwrap this beauty! Stocking Stuffers for Newbies: Gift cards, extra Express cartridges, accessories like carrying cases or a lanyard make filling up a stocking easy and a whole lot of fun for the receiver! So, there you go! Gift giving for vaping-newbies made simple! Skip the mall or the big box stores and opt for getting all of your shopping done with us!

Get Ready for a Holly, Jolly Smoke-Free Christmas!

Holiday Parties! Smoke stinks, we all know that! It also puts a hamper on just about everything when it comes to smoking and having fun with others. During the holiday season, your main focus should be on having the absolute best time, not worrying about scurrying off to smoke in seclusion or about how your hot date to the holiday party scrunched up their nose sarcastically regarding your tobacco odor! Keeping those awkward situations at bay is a must!

How can the holidays be made even more jolly with using e-cigarette vaporizers? Here’s a look!

-Merry-making typically involves having a great time with others, and this is the season for parties, socializing, and getting together to enjoy rituals of fun. Tobacco smoke gets in the way big time because most people are not keen on smelling it or breathing it into their lungs. It’s gross. Keep things light and funk-free by vaping; no smell means you keep everyone happy.

-You get to enjoy seasonal flavors! Come on, you know this is one of the best! Why not kick up that holiday spirit into overdrive when you blare the Christmas music in the car, sipping a peppermint mocha, as you munch on the panettone? Vapor smoking with a holiday-inspired blend, such as chocolate mint, s’mores, mint mocha, amaretto bourbon, or chai can add to your daily feel-good factor, and make the happiest time of the year even more enjoyable every day!

-Less time dealing with smoke, means more time having a good time! Whether that means socializing or staying in with the ones you love in the warmest of atmospheres! Who doesn’t love hot cocoa and old-timey Christmas flicks? Big plus for not having to go out into the frigid temps to smoke!

-Vape gear and vape pen starter kits make rockin’ Christmas gifts! Support the smoke-free lifestyle and help those you love get more out of their smoking while experimenting with a whole new, convenient lifestyle!

Want to know how vaping can make your holidays brighter? Here ya go! Because the only things that should be lit are the candles on your menorah, the lights on your Christmas tree, and the fireplaces to keep the ambiance cozy; not the cigarettes!