Single Coil or Dual Coils?

vz_starter_kit_rebel_07_1When it comes to advanced vaporizers and their accompanying accessories, one of the most common (yet confusing) terms that gets tossed around is “coils.”

What coils refer to is the heating mechanism within the atomizer, cartomizer, or clearomizer. Every device made to hold e-liquid has a coil configuration, and regardless of what kind or style it is, it will be either a single or dual coil. Heating coils are looped resistance heating alloy wire, and in a single, you have one coil, and in a dual there are two. As you are probably aware, there are endless varieties of tanks, but what it all comes down to is either one or two coils.

Which is better: Single or Dual?

Like anything, it’s all about your personal preference. Both configurations are good, they both have advantages and disadvantages, and depending on what you want from the performance, one will suit your tastes better. The following are the pros and cons of each type.

Single Coil:

1 coil, with one end connected to a positive-charged terminal, the other end connected to a negative-charged terminal. The e-cigarette battery sends a charge of electricity to the coil, which heats the e-liquid until vaporization.

Single Coil Pros:

  • Uses 10-30% less power than dual coils.
  • Burns e-liquid at a slower pace, allowing liquid to last longer.
  • It’s easier to rebuild single coils than dual coils.

Single Coil Cons:

  • Less powerful vapor production.
  • Take longer to heat.

Dual Coil:

Very much like single coil setups, dual coils work the same, only there are two coils doing the action. With these configurations, the wattage gets evenly distributed between the coils, allowing your vaporizer double the heating power, and double the vapor production (in theory).

Dual Coil Pros:

  • Due to the power of two coils, there is more contact between the e-liquid and the coils, resulting in warmer, more powerful, higher volumes of vapor.
  • Less waiting time; two coils heat faster than one, so they vaporize the liquid in half the time as single coil setups.

Dual Coil Cons:

  • The power of two coils working harder causes the battery to drain faster.
  • More vaporization means you go through juice faster.
  • Dual coils are harder to rebuild.

To put it simply, what coil configuration comes down to is whether you want more battery life or more intense vapor production. Both are great, but what do you want? Our suggestion is to try both; how else will you know unless you do?

new VF stores coming soon – watch out y’all!

Screen Shot VFVaporFi stores (formerly VaporZone)  have become quite popular and the expansion is on! We are stoked about the upcoming openings in a slew of new locations, including our first VaporFi locations to open outside of the state of Florida. While we currently have a number of VaporFi Express locations throughout the US, we are highly anticipating the launch of these new stores in some exciting new places such as Paramus, NJ, Woodbridge, VA, Austin, TX, Anapolis, MD, Bethesda, MD, Hanover, MD, Wheaton, MD, as well as some new locations in Florida such as Orlando, Gainesville, Downtown Miami, and West Palm Beach.

Having such a unique concept, offering our state of the art products, wide selection of accessories, custom-blended e-liquids, and a vaping bar in every location staffed by vaping experts, our locations offer customers just about everything they could want in an e-cigarette retail venue. And when it comes to our customers, we offer not only top notch customer service and knowledge, but we also hold exciting events, such as our weekly Friday “Happy Hour” (from 5pm – Close) where vapers can come in and score 50% off our mystery blend of the week!

Currently, there are 8 VaporFi locations throughout the state of Florida, and each one has become a vaping hub in the areas they serve. These stores are not just retail stops to get your products, and customers have really grasped the concept. We offer a huge selection of products, ranging from basic e-cigs to the most advanced vaporizers such as the incomparable Rebel (hello, gorgeous!). We carry every imaginable accessory to trick your vape pens out with, from tanks to storage options to mouthpieces. And when it comes to liquids, our stores are worth a visit for that very reason. If you enjoy flavor, we’ll take good care of ya! With 30,000 different flavor possibilities, come on! Who else gives it to you that good? And, to top it off right, one of the most important reasons our customers dig us, we keep our prices totally reasonable so you get what you want, with the kind of quality you expect, and at a fabulous price.

We are expanding, spreading the vapor love throughout the land… Get ready for the VaporFi takeover!

VaporZone is Now VaporFi!

10525814_519609578141127_6531639288273268523_nWell, Hello!

As you may (or may not) have heard, we’ve had some exciting, breaking news today! We are announcing a name change, and becoming VaporFi.

The change came because change is a great thing afterall. It became apparent over the past few months that we needed a title which was a better reflection of our unique products, high quality, and sincerely standout experience for the customer. Being an entirely radical concept in this market, we wanted to convey this uniqueness in our name, and to exemplify this evolution, we decided that VaporFi would be a more suitable match for us. (And just so you know, our products will remain entirely the same, we are simply changing our name).

Our new name was inspired by the meaning of the word “fidelity.” By definition, fidelity means: (1) adherence to fact or detail; accuracy; exactness  (2) The degree to which an electronic device accurately reproduces it’s effect.

Our products have always been designed to fit this description wholly, offering the vaper a complete experience of performance based on accuracy, detail, and exactness. From day one, we have developed products that meet the demands of the most discerning vapers, making products that please even the most hard to please smokers. We have engineered advanced vaporizer products that come as close to tobacco smoking as possible, enhanced with the benefits of modern technology and conveniences. Our line has always been about personalized options, giving our users more of what they want.

In line with this uncompromised commitment to the highest quality, we are proud to offer this most advanced experience of hi-fidelity vaping! And because of this, VaporFi is a more fitting name, as it encompasses the very essence of what we embody.

So with that, we are extremely grateful to you for being a VaporZone customer, and we want to extend this opportunity to thank you for your support along the way. Over the next few weeks we will be transitioning our website, social media sites, all products, and store branding completely over to our new identity. What you can expect is the same level of great quality, service, and products you know and love us for. We look forward to continuing our tradition of advancing this industry, and know you will be blown away by what we’ll be doing in the near future!

Are Retailers of Digital Cigarettes ‘Breaking the Law’?

New regulations about nicotine suggest this is true, but digital cigarette manufacturers are fighting back

Last year, the South African Medicines Control Council enacted regulations naming nicotine as a Schedule2 or Schedule 3 drug. By the letter of the law in South Africa, scheduled substances can only be purchased in pharmacies. However, the threat of lawsuits by digital cigarette manufacturers kept the regulations from being enforced.
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What’s Amazing About VZ Locations

1377456_476600875775331_848420389_nPurchasing your personal vaporizers and e-cigarettes online is great; nothing beats shopping in your underwear and the instant gratification of buying things at the click of the mouse. Yet when it comes to vaping, especially if you are really into it, sometimes you want to get out of the box, as in away from the box (your computer) and check things out in person. In which case, it really pays to get dressed and head to your local VaporZone location to sample new flavors and have a look at all the gear right before you.

If you’ve never been in one of our locations, you’re really missing out! And if so, we seriously suggest you pay us a visit because as awesome as our website is, VaporZone stores are more than just spots to grab your vaping gear. On the contrary, they are pretty cool spots to come in, have a seat at the e-liquid bar, and get cozy with the finest vaping products around.

Our staff in every location are not just random peeps picked up off the street to work retail; they are experts in advanced vaping culture, they know our products inside and out, they know what people are looking for, and they can answer your questions and do so with great attitudes! Our “vapetenders” know the liquids, and know how to expertly blend them into the custom blends that so many seek out.

And, because we know how important the aspect of community is, especially in this day and age of digital communications, and how much of the e-cigarette community communicates online, VaporZone locations are hubs for electronic smoking enthusiasts in all the areas they are in. Sure, you can hit discussion forums online, or vapor discussion boards, but nothing beats face to face, real life, human interaction!

So, moral of this story, if you are in a locale where a VaporZone location happens to be, get your tail in there and make some friends! If not, we suggest you hook up with us on all of our Social Media sites for daily fun, flash sales, and connecting with other members of this awesome community!

Flavor: Why VZ Has the Best

vaporzoneorangeVaporZone e-liquid is awesome for a lot of reasons. It’s made with the best ingredients, available in the largest selection of custom-blended flavors available, and you are bound by basically no limits; you can have your way entirely with it in every way! We know the importance of enjoying your vaping in every way, and that was one of the major factors that went into developing our nicotine e-juice.

The Liquid

Having a great deal of knowledge on the different formulas of e-liquid that are available out there, we are well aware of the differences in ingredients. Having the purest ingredients, sourced only from the best providers we can find (and that includes sourcing our glycerin from as far away as Malaysia), we know what it takes to get e-liquid to taste great.

Glycerin is one part of the e-liquid picture, and is responsible for creating the perfect consistency of our vapor. It also adds a sweet element to the overall taste. As mentioned above, our glycerin comes from the Malaysian Palm, which is an excellent source of peanut-free glycerine.

Our ingredients are inhalation-grade, and this means that they are beyond even being considered “food grade,” which would mean they were intended for eating. Inhalation grade ingredients means they are designed for the purpose of inhalation, pure enough to be breathed in.

These standards of purity equate to amazing flavor when vaped. This high level of purity means you will be tasting only the finest crafted e-liquid flavors you want to taste, and not questionable ingredients in the mix. As our liquids are made to be savored, enjoyed, and for the user to fully experience the full range of flavors, get a powerful throat hit, a very enjoyable amount of vapor, and without any unfortunate side effects like burnt flavor, scandalous aftertastes, or flavors that that just don’t come through as you’d expect. We aim really high!

Custom Blending

Now, the real reason our flavors rock: e-liquid custom blending. You literally have the option of any flavor combo your tastebuds and brain can conjure up. You are limited to about 30,000 possibilities; think you can handle it?

It takes more than just great flavor to have great e-cig flavor, and we are more than excited to offer it! Don’t settle for less, always choose VaporZone, and your taste for deliciousness will always be satisfied!

Customize Your Vape Pen

10367692_513915852043833_8953412467929887353_nWhen vaping becomes more than just an alternative to tobacco smoking, and an option to control the way you smoke, you may become what’s known as a “vaper.”

For some electronic smoking is nothing more than a stepping stone to achieving “nicotine-free status,” yet for others it becomes much more than that. It takes on the enjoyment of a hobby, giving users more than one level of satisfaction. And the thing with vaporizers is that they offer a whole lot of options, variations, and ways to take the experience beyond basic, enabling vapers to get really creative and tweak things to exactly the specifications they want. And the result is typically pretty awesome!

Keep reading for the different options you have for customizing your VaporZone vape pen!

With 5 basic parts, there are a variety of ways to work with your device. You can obviously use it exactly the way it’s set up from the starter kit, however once you know about the different ways you can change it up, you most likely will! Here is a look at each individual component you have to work with:

The Device: this is the body, and the main part of your vaporizer. We carry several different advanced options, and all of our vaporizers are known to please even the most discerning of vapers. We have something to please everyone, and we never disappoint on quality!

The Battery: the power source. Whether you want a lot of power, or even more power, we’ve got it! More power means more vapor and throat hits you are guaranteed to feel!

The Mouthpiece: the tip that the user will puff on, sometimes called “drip tips”. Rubber, steel, plastic, clear, metallic, colored… when it comes to mouthpieces, we’ve got a ton of different ones to play with!

The Atomizer: the heating mechanism that heats and vaporizes the e-liquid. These are among the most popular accessories you can use on your vaporizer. They directly have an effect on how vapor is produced, as they are the part that controls the vaporization! If you are looking to tweak your mod, trying different atomizers is a must!

The Cartomizer: AKA the tank that holds the liquid and atomizer. Tanks come in different styles, different materials, and different sizes. They are a great way to change the look and performance of a device, plus different different sizes give more options to suit particular styles of vaping; larger tanks are better for heavy vapers who want to hold more liquid in their vaporizer.

There you have it! Lots of options and custom pieces to suit lots of vapers! And if you are more keen on keeping things simple and low-key, hey, more power to ya! Should you happen to live local to one of our VaporZone locations, do yourself a huge favor and check everything out in person!

How Long Does it Take to Switch to Vaping?

maxresdefaultSwitching to electronic smoking and using vaporizers is different for every smoker. For many it’s an instant switch, an upgrade in every way, and a perfect lifestyle option that takes no time at all to get used to. For others though, it takes longer, sometimes months to really get into it, and fully switch. It’s a different, personal experience for everyone, so try not to get attached to any expectations. However, if you are interested in switching, or have recently done so, here are some tips to assist as you transition away from the smoke, to the cleaner, fresher, more delicious smoke-free alternative.

Tips For Switching to VaporZone:

  • Try different flavors; we’ve got 30,000 different single flavors and custom-blended e-liquid options for you!
  • Try different products, you’re more likely to find the perfect fit by trying what’s out there. Kinda like dating.
  • Embrace vaping as different; it won’t be just like tobacco, and that can be a great thing.
  • Embrace the technology. Electronic cigarette vaporizers are such an improvement compared to analog cigarettes, and they offer so many more positive attributes, such as not dropping ash, being able to charge them as opposed to dealing with fire, and not having to worry about how you smell.
  • For some people, gradually lessening the amount of cigarettes you smoke as you get the hang of vaping works really well.
  • While you may be mentally ready for a full-out switch, remember that your body may not be. Traditional cigarettes are loaded with chemicals, and when you switch to VaporZone e-cigarettes, which contain no chemicals and just a few inhalation-grade ingredients, your body may take some time to get used to this. You can assist yourself by drinking a lot of water to help flush those toxins out for good.
  • Perspective is your friend. If it does take you longer than you expected to switch completely, remember that you were most likely smoking cigarettes for a whole lot longer, and just be patient.
  • Get used to having a lot more freedom; you can use your vaporizer in so many more places than you could with cigarettes, and it is amazing!
  • Relax and enjoy it all! You’re more likely to be successful at switching if you are spending your time finding ways to enjoy it rather than stressing about it!

Let’s Talk About PG

vz_eliquid_01_10_1We wrote about VG (you know, Vegetable Glycerin) recently, and thought we’d follow it up with a look at PG, the other mysterious, two-letter abbreviation involved in producing e-liquid.

If you are familiar with vaping lingo, or have spent any time in the vaping community, or have read through any vaping discussions online, chances are you’ve come across this term, and whether you’re familiar with it or haven’t a clue, it’s a vital part of producing a satisfying vapor!

So in case you are wondering what is PG, and what it’s doing your e-liquid, here is an in-depth look at it!

PG stands for Propylene Glycol, and it is used in most e-liquids, both on it’s own, and combined with vegetable glycerin. The majority of liquids out there contain just four ingredients: water, nicotine, flavoring, and either PG or VG. Some e-smokers have preferences about which they prefer their e-liquid to contain, and there are many types of liquids that are exclusively VG or PG, however we have found that because each has their positive points, and few negatives, a combination of both produces the best, and most balanced e-liquid!

PG, besides being awesome for producing great, powerful hits of vapor, is actually found in a myriad of different products made for consumption such as boxed cake mixes and other baking goods, wine, beer, and other types of liquor, food dyes, sodas, and salad dressings, among other things. In addition to food products, it is also a safe preservative when included in body care items such as deodorants, cosmetics, toothpaste, hand sanitizers, perfumes, and colognes.

When it comes to e-cigs, PG produces a fantastic vapor. It reduces the boiling point of the nicotine liquid, and enables the vaporization to occur at a much lower temperature. It also affects the flavor and taste of the e-liquid, and compared to VG, it has a less sweet taste. It also has a thinner consistency than VG, so by comparison, it imparts a stronger throat hit, which many users are after. An additional benefit to PG is that being thinner, it flows through e-cigarette and vaporizer components much more easily than 100% VG liquid, and is less likely to cause build up or gunky residue, which can inhibit performance.

Is PG safe?

Yes, propylene glycol is safe, according to the FDA. It has been used commercially in many products for over 50 years, and is considered fine for consumption. Studies show that it has a low degree of toxicity, and there are some reports of people having slight reactions to it, including a sore throat or muscle soreness.

How VaporZone Does it

VaporZone has taken e-liquids to the level of art, and we have perfected them. Our liquids are created with a finely tuned balance of PG/VG, at a ratio of 70/30. We use only the purest ingredients, and they are all USP-grade kosher. They are inhalation-grade, and diacetyl-free. In addition to these standards, our formulas are also registered with the FDA.

So if you are looking for the best e-liquids, in performance, flavor range, quality ingredients, and the perfect PG – VG balance, look no further than what we’ve got to offer!

Smoking and Your Sex Life

smoking-manTobacco companies like to portray their products as cool and sexy, giving the impression that smoking makes you sexy too. But as many of us already know, in reality smoking cigarettes is actually one of the worst habits for maintaining a healthy sex life.
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