Vaping Makes You Hotter

Image: @ashleedavis702

Image: @ashleedavis702

How hot are the #girlswhovape hashtag and @GirlsWhoVape Instagram account? We absolutely love them! They affirm a fact we are rather certain of: that when girls vape, their hotness factor goes way up. Nothing against those who aren’t a part of this cool, smokefree culture (and nothing against all the fine vaping fellas out there, either!) but there is no denying or getting around it: vapor is sexy, and girls who are immersed in vapor are super sexy.

Perhaps it has something to do with being involved in the lifestyle of vaping, and thoroughly enjoying that #vapelife, whether you are male or female, great images of ladies using advanced mods and enjoying them are so very enticing! If there is one way a lady can instantly up her sex appeal, it is by using an advanced personal vaporizer, preferably from VaporFi!

We adore all of our #VaporFi fans who are out there supporting the finest vapes in the land, representing our products and bragging about them on social media, and we are especially stoked on the insanely gorgeous gals of the vaping community who are vaping proudly! We highly encourage all of you to connect with us, @vaporfi_ on Instagram, to check out what’s going on in our little corner of the world, for a daily dose of humor, and of course pictures of incredibly stunning ladies flaunting their VaporFi goods! It’s a whole lot of good, #vaporlicious fun!

Girls who vape are hotter than those who don’t, to be blunt. So hot in fact there’s a whole host of Instagram goodness and hashtags #devoted to them and for good reason too! I don’t know anyone who gets sick of looking at gorgeous girls, and when they have a sick vaporizer in their hands, surrounded by a cloud of vapor the level of fabulosity gets exemplified to a whole new level!

Bill Will Allow the Sale of E-Cigarettes to Inmates


A new bill was introduced in Raleigh, N.C. that would allow jails throughout the state to sell e-cigarettes to inmates. The only step remaining is for Governor Pat McCrory to sign the bill into law. There are currently a number of jails across the state that permits inmates to purchase e-cigarettes. This cuts down on the risk of fire and the risk of secondhand smoke to other inmates.
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How to be a Courteous Vaper

10653689_553478244754260_6067004315032813355_nVaping in public is a quite-debated topic, with some jurisdictions banning it, others embracing it, and the rest that are basically indifferent. For vapers, (the affectionate term for electronic smoking enthusiasts) vaping in public is about reclaiming the lost art of enjoying nicotine in a social setting, or enjoying their nicotine anywhere they damn well please.

You see, vapor has no smell, carries no semblance to smoke other than having an appearance as such, and does not contain a composition anywhere near the makeup of tobacco smoke. In other words, smoke is smoke, and vapor is vapor; there should be no mistaking e-cigarette vapor for tobacco smoke, even if they look rather similar.

If you are vaping and plan on enjoying your vape pen and it’s contents in public, read on for some tips for getting busy in public, without being a nuisance.

-Be aware of your surroundings. If you have a feeling you’re going to be a black sheep with your mod in a certain place, and will not be greeted with acceptance, don’t use it in a flamboyant manner.

-Learn how to vape discreetly, because while in the aforementioned scenario it may technically okay to vape, play it safe and avoid conflict by just vaping without generating attention.

-If someone is curious about your e-cigarette vaporizer, be armed with knowledge to offer a positive light on a sometimes controversial subject. You are representing a movement, after all.

-If you’re unsure about whether vaping is allowed in a certain place, ask. Don’t just assume one way or the other.

-If you are asked to stop in respect of someone else who is not keen on being exposed to e-cigarette vapor, honor that request and vape elsewhere.

-If all seems cool, and vaping is a go in the public place you’re at, have it! Go to town on that vape! Show the world how dope you are, rocking that VaporFi mod! Flash it, smoke it, and enjoy every last puff!

E-Liquid Excitement!

10635850_551589258276492_3730469303976245805_nOh liquid, liquid, liquid! Creating the very finest liquid is truly our thing! When it comes to flavors, you guys all know we don’t play around; 30,000 different choices makes that apparent, doesn’t it? We really love flavor, and have custom blending really makes life nice when you vape.

And in that light, we are hosting a really fun, really cool contest that will really appeal to all you peeps who love coming up with your own custom blends. If you think you’ve got the perfect flavor combo, you’ve got to submit your VaporFi custom flavor and enter our e-liquid contest. Winner gets a free order of it, and who can beat that? It’s the perfect scenario of everything to win and nothing to lose!

If you have a feeling you’ve created the hottest flavor, and are really onto something with this blend you’ve conjured up, we want to know about it! We really love feedback, especially when you share your creativity, so when it comes to creating new flavors, we’re more than happy to take cue from you all!

And while we are on the subject of our custom blends, have you joined our Blend of the Month club yet? This fabulous program gets you our “Blend of the Month” every month, which is always a fun thing because our blends rock! It’s a great way to try our newest flavors and to experiment with new blends you may have not tried otherwise. It’s a small charge of $14.99 every month, and you will receive a bottle of our carefully crafted “Blend of the Month.” You also will receive free shipping, access to private sales, member’s only contests, exclusive sales, and, most importantly, the ability to get your hands on our newest flavors before anyone else does.

We are really big on e-liquids and vaping, and know you are too! If you’re up for winning a very cool prize, enter our exciting Custom Flavor Contest! And for even more e-liquid and custom blending excitement, enroll in our Blend of the Month Club!

A Vape for Everyone!

timthumbWhat we specialize in is advanced personal vaporizers, however we also carry basic e-cigs, and have just extended into the territory of dry herb vaporizers. Suffice it to say we’ve got an incredible selection of different products for anyone who is interested in alternative smoking, in all its varieties! Here’s a look at all of our different devices and what they can do for you; options are great thing and our selection doesn’t mess around!

VaporFi Pro: This is your basic, but awesome, high-performance vaporizer that doesn’t cost a lot and gives you a sweet taste of what high-powered vaping is all about.

VaporFi Pro in colors: The Pro with the added benefit of coming in a rainbow’s selection of hues. Same great performance as the original, only kicked up visually.

VaporFi Air: This is the perfect entry-level vaporizer; it’s small, compact, and basic. While it isn’t as powerful as many other devices we carry, it performs well and boasts a very portable, versatile size.

VaporFi Platinum Pro: An even more advanced version of the original Pro, the Platinum Pro comes with a Platinum Tank which was made for high-capacity and high-performance. If you love the original Pro, this is the next step for you.

VaporFi Rocket: One of our newest creations, the Rocket adds additional power and additional vapor to your life. This is a very advanced machine for those who want a more dynamic mod.

VaporFi Rebel: The Rebel is a beast! Considered by many to be the best mod on the market, this is a vaping device of unmatched power and performance. It’s versatile and oh so viciously powerful. It was made to please the pickiest connoisseurs, and deliver the kind of performance advanced enthusiasts are looking for. If you’re in the market for something beyond the ordinary when it comes to vaping, check this baby out.

VaporFi Pulse: The Pulse looks hot and performs like a champ! It’s a sleek, sexy device made for top performance and those who don’t play around when it comes to the style of their machine. All modern and no-nonsense, you’re gonna love the way this thing works.

VaporFi VOX 50: You know how much we love innovation, and this is perhaps our most advanced concept yet. Adjustable everything; this device comes with variable voltage and adjustable wattage, enabling you to have perfection when it comes to customizing the power and performance of your vape pen.

VaporFi Express: When you want something as close to a traditional cigarette as possible, with similar style performance and total simplicity, the Express was made for you and your needs. Basic, and basically awesome, this e-cigarette was made to require little effort and offer maximum pleasure.

So like we said, we’ve got something for everyone and we are always looking to innovate and blaze new trails. Vaping should be done with total satisfaction and surely we’ve got a device that will please you!



So like we said, we’ve got something for everyone and we are always looking to innovate and blaze new trails. Vaping should be done with total satisfaction and surely we’ve got a device that will please you!

Hello Autumn!

imagesFor what has been a very long, very hot summer, autumn couldn’t come soon enough this year! Don’t get us wrong; summer rocks in so many ways, however it’s definitely time for a change. The cool nights, breezy days, the brilliance of the leaves that will be changing soon, and the impending excitement that will be coming along with the holidays, our engines are really revving for fall!

So, on this first day of autumn (spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere), we are kicking it off by reminding you lovely vapers of all the beautiful things awaiting us as the temperatures start dipping. Happy fall equinox, everyone!

One of the best things about using your e-cigarette vaporizers during the fall is enjoying all the sensory pleasures. Being able to vape, rather than smoke while enjoying outdoor dinners (before it gets too cold), long strolls through the woods, perhaps heading to orchards for apple picking (depending on which part of the country you’re in), and during the fun celebrations that will be going down for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Can you believe the year’s biggest holidays are already on our radar? And you bet they’re much more fun when you’ve got your vapor on hand!

Bringing your vape pen along any of your autumn adventures makes all good time even better. You won’t be driving the nonsmokers nuts with your foul-smelling smoke, nor will you get exiled for trying to have some nicotine among the masses. No, you can have your pleasure without consequence, while savoring the sights, smells, and sensations of the season.

If you want to get festive, grab a few new accessories to bring along on all of your escapades, treat yourself to some delicious new flavored e-liquids, and take pride knowing you’ll be enjoying yourself all the merrier for not smoking cigarettes anymore as you vape as you please!

Autumn is officially here, and we urge you to get outdoors and revel in the season, vaporizer in hand!

The Fundamentals of DIY E-Juice


E-juice is now more diverse than ever before, what with so many different companies selling their own specialized flavors. But let’s face it, sometimes this bounty of blends simply doesn’t cut it and we crave a flavor that is truly unique and different.
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VaporFi Locations: We’re on the Move!

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.26.23 PMIf you’ve been to one of our locations in the state of Florida, you know how awesome shopping at VaporFi can be. We’ve got the raddest scene in our stores; shelves stocked with all of our vaporizers and accessories; staff that is comprised of vaping aficionados who happen to also be VaporFi experts; and the incomparable e-liquid tasting bar, loaded with all of our flavors, ready for custom blending! Suffice it to say, our locations are a vaper’s dream come true!

However, until now if you wanted to hit up one of our stores you had to be in Florida. Lucky for you, though we are on the move, and are expanding beyond the Sunshine state. This expansion means we will be opening locations all over the US and even abroad. In fact, VaporFi’s Panama location, our very first international store has just opened!

When you step into a VaporFi location, it’s more than just stopping in and grabbing some of our e-liquid or a new vape pen and heading out the door. It’s a sight to see, a sensory experience to the fullest extent. You have the ability to get up close and personal with our different product lines. You can feast your eyes on all of our vaporizers, examine every part of their design, see exactly how they work, and literally, physically get a feel for them in action. You can have a seat at the e-liquid bar and scope out how the expert “vapetenders” handle their craft. If there is a flavor you have mind, you can sample it, and you can stock up on custom blends, mixed right before you! In essence, everything you love our products and services is right there, in the flesh, awaiting you in our locations. Instant gratification and total vaping satisfaction are what it’s about; see why these shops are in such serious demand?

VaporFi locations are getting hotter than ever and if there isn’t one in your area, keep an eye out because chances are in the future there will be! If you live in Panama or will be traveling there sometime soon, be sure to check out our newest location there in paradise!

Lots of Good VaporFi News!

600x300_Batteries_2Okay y’all here’s the latest VaporFi news happening right now! Just to keep you updated on cool stuff happening, because we want to keep you in the know! Hot products, sweet sales, new things going down, here you go!

Battery Sale: All batteries are 20% off, and the sale ends tonight at 11:59 PM EST, so we strongly encourage you to get shopping and save some big bucks! Grab a new Pro Variable, Air, an Express, or a brand new Rocket; they’re all on sale, so if you’ve got your eye on one of our vape pens, treat yourself now! Discount gets applied at checkout, so you won’t need a special coupon code. Hop to it!

Get Down with the Flavor: Have you thought about trying September’s Blend of the Month? It’s the oh-so delicious, delectable, rich, and earthy Sweet Tobacco flavor. Remember, our Blends of the Month are 25% off which makes them a great deal to grab a new flavor at a very nice discount! It’s perfect if this is one of your personal faves, or one you’d like to experience.

In other happenings, have you checked out our all new VOX 50 yet?  This is our most powerful product ever, so if intense vaping is your thang, you’ve got to try this! Pre-order is going now!

Tonight, VaporFi will be sponsoring Doug “The Rhino” Marshall during the Bellator MMA 125 fight, so do tune in! The fight will be on Spike TV starting at 9 PM EST, and it’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting event. Doug will be fighting against Melvin “No Mercy” Manhoef, as the two duke it out during this middleweight showdown!

So that’s the latest VaporFi news! If you’re in the market for new vaporizer batteries, get them cheap before 11:59 tonight! Tune into Spike TV for the Marshall X Manhoef fight, and try our Blend of the Month!

Why Vaping is Awesome

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.39.14 PMNeed a reason to start vaping from those of us who love the lifestyle? Need a reason to reaffirm all those warm fuzzy feelings you have for using your vape pen? Here you go!

-Covert vaping rocks! That feeling of having a scandalous little secret can be fun! No odor means you can kinda get away with vaping anywhere you want if you’re smart about it.

-Out ‘n about, loud ‘n proud vaping in public rocks too! Most public places are perfectly fine to vape in, and it’s an amazing feeling of freedom when you can enjoy your vape as you please, without worrying about being in designated areas, or annoying those around you.

-You aren’t limited to just tobacco and menthol flavors. On the contrary, custom blended e-liquids will get you any flavor you want. Cotton Candy, Cuban Mojito, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cool Citrus, Sweet Tobacco; virtually anything your taste buds crave can be replicated in vapor form. This takes the pleasure of vaping to astronomical heights!

-You’ve got tons of choices using different advanced devices. There are vape pens for advanced users and those for novices. There are vape pens that are immensely powerful, and others that are more about the style. If there’s something you want your vaporizer to do, there’s most likely a way to make that happen.

-You aren’t limited to a basic manufactured item; vaporizers are incredibly versatile. Want a different mouthpiece? A collar to create a stylish transition for your tank? A clear glass tank? Want a black vaporizer body with a lime green tank? Get creative and customize!

-Judge the book by its cover: APV’s look amazing! They are way more stylish than old-fashioned cigarettes.

-Saving money is great, and by switching to vapor cigs from traditional tobacco, you will most likely save money~

-They give you the power to go smoke free, still have nicotine, never smell bad from using them, take them anywhere, avoid having a burning cigarette on you all the time, and you can use them without driving nonsmokers nuts.

Vaping is truly awesome, and if you are a vaper, you know this! If you are thinking about converting to smokeless vapor cigarettes, take our word for it: it’s better on this side!