Happy Thanksgiving from VaporFi!

Thanksgiving VaporFiHappy Turkey Day from all of us here at VaporFi! Enjoy yourselves, because you know what follows! It’s gonna be one hell of a Black Friday sale tomorrow, and we’re doing it up right! Yeah, folks Black Friday VaporFi style will take care of all those urges you’ve got for some serious retail therapy! And on that subject, you won’t even have to leave your house to take advantage of the action!

We know you’re going to be nursing a turkey coma, a holiday hangover, or recovering from something relevant due to the holiday season being in full swing, having survived Thanksgiving! So why brave the crowds, the stores, the malls, the parking lots, and all the other insanity Black Friday usually entails? And with so many companies getting things started the night before, on Thanksgiving itself, how can you even be sure that after all the hysteria and stress, you’ll even score the deals you’re hoping for?

Instead, save big by skipping all the craziness and get your deals with us! We promise the sales are going to be hot, and you’ll walk away on top! Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of a stress-free Black Friday shopping haul, without having exited your pajamas, while gorging on the always-better-the-next-day leftovers!

Also, if you plan on kicking your holiday shopping into gear, whether for every vaper and smoker on your list, or loading up on necessities for yourself, check out the VaporFi Gift Guide; it’s basically all you need to know for purchasing gifts of the electronic cigarette/ vaporizer variety! Hey, we know your time is valuable, so we want to make things as efficient as possible!

So we hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving, enjoy it to the fullest and get ready for the real deal, VaporFi Black Friday shopping extravaganza! It’s gonna be good!

Another FDA E-Cigarette Regulation Post – Sorry, Not Sorry…


Confused about e-cigarette regulation and where it currently stands? We don’t blame you. Trying to keep up with the rollercoaster ride of proposed regulations is frankly exhausting and time consuming—trust us, we know…
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Vapor in the Morning

VaporFi Vaporizers: the perfect morning treat

Morning Coffee & Morning Vape = a Perfect Pair

Do you vape all day, errr day? Yeah, we get it. However, we do have a particular affinity for vaping in the AM.

Some vapers are so into their morning vape, they set up everything the night before, leaving their vape pen at their bedside, filled, charged and ready for action the minute they wake up. It can be such a nice transition from peaceful, restful sleep and it can help make the typical morning rush a little less stressful and hurried. There’s really a lot to say about waking up, and getting out of bed on the right side of it!

Most vapers are long accustomed to their nicotine in the morning from their tobacco smoking days. Wake up, have a smoke, move on with your day. So, most find that when switching, there is no reason not to continue this daily tradition with their vaping. Some of the added bonuses include not having to worry about burning holes in their fluffy down comforters, mattresses, or potentially causing fires when vaping in their beds!

So, if you’re one of these who likes to vape before being available to the world outside, here are our picks for the best flavors to pair w/ your AM coffee:

There’s just something so special about that first vape of the day, whether you go after it as soon as you open your eyes to the sound of your alarm, or savor it slowly with your cup of coffee a little while later. Beautiful thing is, is that there is no right or wrong, and there are so many ways to enjoy this little pleasurable ritual. How can any day be bad when it starts out with something so good?

Wishing You Healthful Holidays

Stay healthy and fit this holiday season without overindulging! Does the impending holiday season have you fretting over your bod? Scared that shopping and nonstop feasting on fatty foods is going to consume all of your time and you won’t be able to hit the gym or sneak in some regular workouts? Wondering how vapor cigs can help you stay fit this holiday season? Let us give you the run down!

Well, for starters, put down the fork and get away from the table! Its easy to get sucked into hardcore indulging during the holidays. Extra large peppermint lattes, (and really any other decadent coffee beverages from everyone’s fave commercial coffee house), eggnog, holiday cookies, panettone, basically all the goodies that make the season taste amazing tend to have really bad repercussions. Instead, when going after these treats, think moderation; not daily, or hourly habit. As delicious as most holiday treats are, for the most part, they’re loaded with negative calories, causing an overload in your system.

Another way to combat the holiday season bloat when you’ve had a few too many indulgences is to make sure you stay active. Get creative in how you sneak workouts into your daily doings. Park as far away from buildings as possible to have a longer walk in; those extra treks add up! Also, if you work within a few miles of your job, think about biking to work. Is your office on the 2nd floor, or higher of the building? Use the stairs instead of using the elevator. Do you have a dog? Yes, these little extra moves may take a few minutes more, but they are so worth it!

Another option you have to go nuts on indulgent flavors that doesn’t involve too much self control is vaping, however. You can get the same rich, seasonal flavors  from e-liquids like our awesome custom blends such as hazelnut latte, sweet tobacco, amaretto truffle, the list goes on!

Vapor cigs are also ideal for finishing a meal, especially if you’ve too much food and/ or dessert. Nicotine has the ability to make you feel perfectly satisfied and can help you avoid overdoing it. Plus, during those festive family feasts, vaping gives you an added reason to go for a long walk around the block after dinner if you feel like you could use some physical activity. Bonus: bring your favorite peeps to keep the good times going, as there’s nothing quite like holiday merriment with those you love.

The holidays are all about making memories and having a great time, so don’t let your concerns about staying healthy get in the way. Vaping is a great way to stay satisfied without going crazy from temptation! Plus, if you do your best to stay active and healthy, there’ll also be no guilt involved when you go for two rounds of pie during dessert!

VF says Hello, Ohio!

VaporFi Location Ohio

The First VaporFi Location Hits Ohio!

We are thrilled to have officially opened doors in Ohio! Today was our grand opening. Bringing the VaporFi name, products and exceptional level of service to Ohio is simply fantastic! It is one more step in the direction of expansion, and a new territory for us. We could not be more enthused!

With a great number stores in our home town of Miami, FL and growth that has seen us spread all throughout the Sunshine State, and even into the international domain with the recent opening of our Panama location, extending into the interior continental US is huge!

We all know that vaping has gotten huge everywhere, and there are countless vape shops in Ohio that attest to this. We are ecstatic to have begun with the Reynoldsburg location, however we are aren’t stopping there. Within the next 6 months, we will be opening approximately 5 more VaporFi locations in the state (several of which in the coming weeks), concentrating particularly in the Columbus area.

If you live in Ohio, you’re probably very much aware that vaping is beyond popular, and vape shops are popping up everywhere. We totally understand the need for top quality vape gear and electronics cigarettes, and we know how imperative it is to go where no one has gone before. So in entering this very happening area, we knew we’d not only have our work cut out for us, but also how important it would be to bring a new concept, a new style, and a new approach to the vaping scene. And we are quite sure you will be impressed when you walk into this place.

So if you’re in the vicinity of Reynoldsburg, do come check us out! We guarantee it won’t be your standard e-cig retail experience! We are excited to now serve the state of Ohio, and really look forward to our continuous expansion in the area! Vape products may be common and found nearly everywhere these days, but make no mistake; there’s only one VaporFi, and we are hell-bent on spreading the love!

We’re Thankful for You!

Today-I-Am-ThankfulIt’s the season of thankfulness and we want to make it very clear that we are extremely thankful for you! Creating the highest caliber vape products that please you is our thing and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal! We’re pretty darn pleased to say we are certain we have been succeeding this far!

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, we want to take the time to let you know that your business is really meaningful to us. You can get e-cig vaporizers all over the place (not necessarily at the same level of quality and service as what you’ll get from VaporFi of course, wink wink!) so the fact that you have chosen us, and keep coming back for more is the most genuine way of letting us know we’ve been getting it right. It is a mighty fine honor, too, we may add!

And as Thanksgiving approaches, we really hope you’ve given a little thought to how amazing being able to smoke with vapor is. How has getting rid of the smoke benefitted your life? In what ways has your life gotten more positive since switching to vapor? Think about; vaping adds a lot to a smoker’s life, and things like having more cleanliness, saving money, and no longer being trapped in smoke are excellent things to be grateful for.

So while you’re going nuts on the turkey (or Tofurkey if you’re vegan) and devouring the feast this coming Thursday, keep in mind that one of the best accompaniments to an overly indulgent meal is enjoying your e-cigarette or vape pen! In fact, with all the fabulous flavors at your fingertips, you can downright skip the dessert altogether and savor the pleasures of Pumpkin Spice Latte, or Grandma’s Apple Pie e-liquid!

Also, be on the lookout for some crazy good deals that’ll be coming your way on Black Friday and Cyber Monday from yours truly. What better way to celebrate our thankfulness for our great abundance than with fantastic holiday specials? Told you we’re thankful, and we’re looking forward to demonstrating it!


The VF Guide to Holiday Shopping

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.13.27 AMStarted your holiday shopping yet? Whether you have or haven’t, whether you’ve got everything in mind that you’re going to need, or you haven’t a clue; check out the VaporFi gift guide because we’ve got all the deets on everything to get for the vapers (and vapers-to-be) in your life!

We know the holidays can get really stressful, and on top of all the gatherings to get jolly at, office parties, holiday travel and handling the overall, inescapable rushed that always comes with the season, you’ve got to deal with buying all the perfect gifts for everyone in your life. Suffice it to say, the ‘happiest time of the year’ can also be the most stressful!

Because we love you and we’re all about sharing the vapor goodness, however, here’s everything you need to get for everyone you know who vapes and/or smokes traditional cigarettes. We’re bringing you the hottest products at the best prices with one stop shopping – the aim is to make your loved ones’ eyes light up brighter than a Christmas tree!

Keep it Simple: if you want to keep things really simple and you want to put as little thought and effort into the gift-giving as possible, go with a VaporFi  gift card! Hey we get it, you don’t want to disappoint, but you still want to be able to give a meaningful, useful, but awesome gift. This is the no-fail, sure-to-please option! Plus, as far as we’re concerned there are no better stocking stuffers than  these babies!

Exciting with Moderation: any variation of the Pro Starter Kit is an amazing gift. In fact, nearly any vaper or smoker you buy this for will love it! There’s a lot of difference in range of performance accessories and style options, such as colors, so you can really buy this for everyone on your list. Big bonus is that it’s super affordable!

Blow Some Minds: if you’re splurging and you want to really make the receiver of this gift giddy, a VaporFi Rebel II or a VOX will really please the vapor aficionado in your life. These are seriously the items enthusiasts are hoping for!

So there you have it! Holiday shopping simplified, because who doesn’t need it during the end of the year rush? Now if you want to get really into detail, do yourself a favor and check out the VaporFi Gift Guide for the holiday season 2014; we got you covered!

Give Thanks For Vapor!

Vape shop VaporFi in South MiamiAren’t you grateful for vaping? Hasn’t it brought tremendous positives into your life? Aren’t you thankful you didn’t wait a moment longer before making the switch? How many different, magnificent ways does vaping benefit your life? Hasn’t your life improved greatly since you switched to using vapor cigarettes over traditional? Most vapers have tons to be grateful for when they take a moment to reflect on the great changes that have come their way.

Thanksgiving is coming right up (next week!), so in the spirit of gratitude, here are some of the ways using electronic alternatives benefit the lives of all who make the switch. Feel free to chime in on the comments, letting us know how e-cigs and vaporizers have made your life better!

Saving $: Perhaps everyone’s favorite vaping benefit is how much money they save as a result of it. Who isn’t thankful for more money in their wallets and bank accounts? This is one of the top reasons to switch, and one of the ways to be most thankful.

Clean Living: The smell, the stains, the ash, the butts, the empty packs, the dead lighters, and those nasty freaking burn marks that came as a result of smoking; isn’t it awesome to be living without all of that? We think so too. Most smokers are super thankful for not being smokers anymore in regards to the mess.

Vape pens are hot: We can be grateful for the little things as much as the big ones, and the hot style and great looks of vape pens is definitely something to be grateful for!

Smoking everywhere rocks: Convenience is a big blessing, and being able to smoke everywhere is a wonderful addition to any smoker’s life. Especially since vaping removes the guilt smokers have to deal with, knowing they are adding second hand smoke into the air.

Choices Choices Choices: Be grateful for the options! It’s fantastic being able to have so many choices when it comes to vaping. Accessories, devices and the thousands of flavors!

Tobacco is Lame: being tobacco-free and smoke-free is an incredible benefit to life when you switch to vaping. It’s a major thing to be grateful for, as it contributes only for the better.

So, this holiday season, what are you grateful for? Whether it’s as small as having the sexiest looking customized vape, to being free of the shackles of smoke on a daily basis, vaping adds a world of benefits to life, and they are all worth being thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving 2014!


Hello, Brickell!

VaporFi Location in Brickell, Miami has Opened!

VaporFi Brickell is Open!

Ah, Brickell… Miami’s hottest up-and-coming neighborhood that manages to mix business and pleasure idyllically, is close to just about everything worth doing, and gets the whole “downtown in a tropical paradise” vibe down damn well perfectly! We are really down with this part of town!

We just opened our newest location in Brickell, and we are so stoked to be bringing the finest vaping goods and scene to a new spot, so if you’re a Miami local, come check out this goodness.

Now, if you’re thinking “Blah! Why would I want to hang out in a vape shop?!” Let us brief you: VaporFi locations are not just vape shops! They are an experience, and if you are a vapor cigarette hobbyist, purveyor, or simply an affectionate user, it would be in your best interest to stop on by and check it out.

VaporFi locations are nothing short of awesome. The vapor bar alone is worth the trip, if and/ or when you’re debating whether or not to hit up one of our stores or just order online. Our vapor bars are manned by the industry’s finest vape tenders. They know their stuff and can expertly blend our liquids into all those custom blends you crave. You get to chill in the lounge-like setting, you can sample flavors as you please, see first hand all of our incredible personal vaporizers, and chat about all things vapor related in this exclusive, yet utterly comfortable vape-friendly environment.

Miami is known in the vaping world as a hotspot, with many brands calling ‘the magic city’ home. Vapor shops are a dime a dozen, so being able to stand out from the ordinary pack is a must.

Being able to open up shop and expand into the trendy Brickell area is huge for us. This is one place that has been lacking a solid venue that caters to the ever-growing vaping crowd, and we are elated to be the one. Come visit VaporFi Brickell and say hi, we’d love to have you!