The Latest VaporFi News!

NewsJust dropping you all a line about the exciting happenings currently going down with VaporFi at the moment! An e-liquid sale, a local Miami hangout, and new locations; we are all about keeping things interesting, folks!

Right now, we have a pretty sweet e-liquid sale happening at the moment. This one gets you a free 30ml bottle of the e-liquid of your choice when you purchase 4! Who doesn’t need or want free juice? Stock up and take advantage of this one! Grab this steal of a deal asap because it ends tomorrow, 10/24 at 11:59! Discount gets applied at checkout.

The crew from Miami’s hottest radio station, Power 96, is going to be hanging out at our South Beach VaporFi location on Friday, 10/24 from 5-7 PM, so if you’re local, come say hi and chill! We love a scene, and we know you never need an excuse to come try some new flavors and check out our newest products; the VOX 50, the Rocket, and the latest in dry herb vaping technology, the VaporFi Orbit are freaking dope!, and all worth checking out in person, so let this be all the motivation you need to stop in!

In other news, as you probably already know, our expansion is in overdrive, and in the next few weeks we’ve got a handful of VaporFi locations set to open their doors to the vaping public. We’ll be bringing the goods to 2 more spots in Miami: Coral Way, and the always buzzing Brickell, as well as our very first location in Columbus, Ohio at Hillard! This will be the first of 6 Ohio locations that will open in the coming months. We are thrilled, and if you live in the Columbus area, you should be as well!

So, locations coming, sales happening, and Power96 hanging out; lots of fun and exciting stuff with VaporFi is taking place – get involved! 

Who Are the Vapers?

-1fc4b26ff288e06e-1Who are they, the ones smoking these high-tech, advanced electronic devices? Who are they, having moved beyond the traditional trappings of smoke, tobacco, and living with residual tar covering all parts of their life? Who are they, those who have stopped spending thousands of dollars yearly on a negative habit, in favor of a cleaner, more innovative method of savoring flavor and nicotine?

Vapers. Vapers are everywhere, and they are an ever-growing demographic. They are the new generation of open-minded smokers, who embrace all things techy and modern. They are looking for digital advancements in everyday life, and are entirely open to change when it offers them a better option. They know the e-cigarette industry inside and out. They know what they want in a vape, and know where to look to get it. They are aware of trends and have a great inclination as to what will evolve next in the market.

Vapers are well-informed, and they are not willing to randomly take a base answer as an explanation. They are curious about the “why,” and “how,” of things. They research the hell out of everything and you really can’t get nonsense, or bad products past them; they read between the lines on everything!

Unlike the age of smoking, vaping is totally different. This is a movement that inspires out-of- the-box thinking. Vaping puts the power in your hands, contrary to tobacco cigarettes which enslaved people by the millions. Vapers enjoy all the many ways they get to control their experience, and having so many choices to achieve the same end is simply serendipitous. Vapers know their products, know what they can work with, and know how to build their mods; they know what they want and enjoy doing what it takes to get it.

Smoking was basic; you grabbed a pack of smokes you paid way too much for, and smoked it. Vaping is a lifestyle, and nicotine may or may not be a part of it. Vaping elevates the concept of smoking, and gives smokers more of what they want, and removes the unnecessary negatives. Vapers are the modern smokers, who shun tobacco, embrace high-performance vaporizers and e-liquids, and know that exactly the experience they crave is within their reach, without having to reach for a paper-wrapped cig.

Is Your E-Liquid Clean? – Guarding Against Contamination


Recently, we posted about the Basics of Vaping Hygiene and how to stay healthy this flu season. Well let’s also take a brief moment and talk about a similar subject: the issue of e-liquid contamination.
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Vaping: Feel Good Stuff

c21b8b3801f27d9163ee22b7f55db0eeAre you aware of all the amazing ways switching to vaping can rock your world? Yeah, you are probably knowledgeable of all the scientific stuff; how bad tobacco is, why smoke sucks, and how tar can stick around long after the odor has dissipated, but what about the other side of the coin? The one directly related to your wellbeing and happiness? Here is a look at how switching to electronic cigs can do wonders for your life, and boost the positivity!

-Convenience: we all need more of this because 24 hours in a single day is never, ever enough! Getting more done faster and being able to cut corners has immense benefits, including making life more pleasant and freeing up time to be able to do stuff you actually want to; aside from college classes and putting time on the clock at work, aren’t their pursuits that require you to totally enjoy yourself? Factor in more convenience to make it happen!

-Less stress: Smoking comes with a lot of stress; where to smoke, when to smoke, who’s having an issue with you smoking, worrying about your health as a result of smoking, whether you smell like an ashtray, whether your teeth look bad, will you have time to smoke, did you remember to buy smokes… all of these little worries add up to big, constant worries. Why not kick these to the curb with the traditional cigarettes, and go with vapor cigs, which can be used in countless public places, add more convenience, and are simpler to use.

-More fun: Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are totally more fun than traditional cigarettes. They go more places, allow you to go more places, and knowing you have so many more options with them, you have the ability to enjoy yourself more when using them. Grab a vaporizer starter kit ASAP!

-Being clean rocks: Ash is dirty, cigarette butts are nasty, and both start accumulating quickly. Your life will be much nicer if you can keep it clean, and e-cigs are the perfect way to get on this path. No butts, no ash, no continuous stream of filth.

-Better image: If you can about how others perceive you, smoking cigarettes can really tarnish your image. Vapor shows you are more modern and conscious of your health, and wouldn’t that make for a better outward appearance?

Switching to e-cigarettes can benefit your life in tons of ways, and really make daily living all the more enjoyable. If smoking cigarettes is still your thing, give vapor cigs a  try to see if vapor makes thing better!

Benefits of USA Made E-Liquid

main_secondary_banner_seo_landing_pagesWe have a strong commitment to carrying only American-made e-liquids. We are certain that having the best quality liquid leads to enhanced performance, great vapor, and obviously excellent flavors, and manufacturing here in the USA ensures this promise to our customers.

While many electronic cigarette companies have no problem outsourcing the manufacturing of their goods, including liquids, we are firm believers in manufacturing our liquids ourselves, right here in the US of A. This enables us to have a full view of what’s going on during the production, and enables us to be certain that the quality is at the highest level.

Having liquids made in America, where the majority of our clientele resides, allows us to guarantee the freshest products are getting to our customers. While nicotine e-juice does not have a short shelf life, per se, freshness can definitely make a difference. USA manufacturing means that there is no overseas travel for the liquids. Shipments will not get stuck in customs for an indefinite amount of time. The time from production till the cartridges and liquids are in the customers’ hands is shorter, and therefore fresher upon receiving.

VaporFi’s e-liquids are entirely made in America. Our customers are consistently pleased with the performance and flavors they get, and are happy to know that they never have to wonder about where their liquids came from, or what sort of mysterious overseas conditions they were created under. On the contrary to most brands, we are all about transparency when it comes to our liquids; we have even gone so far as to have VaporFi’s lab registered with the FDA, and all of our formulas on file with them.

Many users will attest to fresher liquids having better vapor production, cleaner flavor, stronger nicotine, and better performance overall. This is why USA-made e-liquids are such a big deal, and why we are so strict about keeping ours made here in America. Plenty of things are perfectly fine when made abroad, however we know from experience that when it comes to e-liquids, American made is best.

Vaping for Breast Cancer Awareness

10690080_562472867188131_9147550228302275653_nThe month of October means one thing, and that is everything gets a pink makeover in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This disease is such a major plight, and such a scary predicament facing women all over the world, it deserves a tremendous amount of universal awareness to help find a cure. In fact, the color pink has become utterly synonymous with defeating breast cancer, and all during October it becomes such a focus to don your pink and show how committed you are to helping support the cause. Chances are, you have been personally affected by the disease on some level.

Awareness has become such a major focus in assisting the fight against this awful, deadly cancer. Due to the efforts of early detection, much more advanced screening technology, improving technology and treatments, and of course, more awareness, breast cancer death rates have been on the decline every year since 1990.

Did you know:

  • Worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women.
  • 1 in 8 women in the USA will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.
  • Every year, 220,000 women in the US are diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • 40,000 annually do not survive.
  • Breast Cancer is the most common cancer women are diagnosed with.
  • Not just a women’s disease, breast cancer in men also occurs, with 2,150 new diagnoses yearly, with 410 men dying from it.

So what is VaporFi doing to be a part of the fight? During the month of October, we are running a special 20% off sale on our highly sought-after pink Pro Batteries and tanks. This will enable you to show off your dedication to the awareness of breast cancer, and do so with an item you most likely take everywhere and use all the time. Sure, you can display your support with all varieties of wearable goods, and we urge you to do so, however your vape pen is an excellent way to show your solidarity in a fashionable and functional way. Can’t help it if our vapes are sweet looking!

So, this month, do your part in raising awareness. Grab our amazing pink Pro batteries and tanks at a great price, and help to make breast cancer a disease of the past!

Tips on Getting a Satisfying Throat Hit!


Maybe you have been an vaporizer cigarette smoker for quite some time and understand the term throat hit and why it is so important.  Perhaps, you are new to this vaping experience and don’t really understand what a throat hit is. It sounds kinda painful, huh?
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All you Need to Know About Tanks: Single or Dual?

rockets_btank_2Choosing the right tank can make all the difference when using an advanced personal vaporizer. Yet with all the different varieties, so many choices, and so many designs and styles, how do you choose the most awesome tank?

First of all, you’ve got to know the difference between vape tanks and figure out what you want because different styles obviously produce different results. Do you know the difference between single and dual?

Tanks can be metal, glass, or plastic. They can be simple or quite fancy looking. They come in different sizes and with different functions, so in actuality they do so much more than hold e-liquid. Tanks are vital to the overall performance of your vape.

Just some FIY; coil refers to the heating element, which is necessary for vaping with any advanced vaporizer. This is the component that heats and vaporizes the e-liquid.

Here’s a look at the different styles of tanks and what kind of performance you can expect from them.

Single Coil: A single coil tank has one heating element, or wick. They are easy to use, and can come in various capacities; large and small, and there are plenty to choose from. They are especially great if saving battery power is your thing because they consume less than other types of tanks, because they have only one head. These tanks also consume less e-liquid, which is great for making it last as long as possible. The simpler design makes them easier to work with, which is what many users are after.

Top Picks: Platinum Clearomizer Tank, PRO-L Clearomizer Tank, and the CLEAR Clearomizer Tank

Dual Coil: These tanks have two heating elements, or wicks. Ideal for more advanced users, dual coils are trickier to rebuild. Dual head tanks work exactly the same way as single coil tanks, just having two coils means that e-liquid gets transferred and heated between two coils rather than one. They produce much more vapor, in a much faster amount of time, per hit, than single coils, however they also use more battery power to get there. They are highly favored because they can produce incredibly smooth hits and tremendous flavor.

Top Picks: Titanium Tank, Titan Dual Head Cartomizer Tank, and the Bolt RDA

So that about sums up the basics on single vs dual coil tanks. Can’t pick between them? We suggest trying both to see what type gives you the kind of performance you want!

Vapers’ Lingo

imagesYes, you’ve heard it all, but do you actually understand it all? Vaping culture rocks, and while it may be a little confusing to the newbies out there, all it takes is a little time before you’re throwing ohm’s, eGo’s, specs and configurations around with the best of them. It’s a techy culture, and vapers, especially hardcore vapers are quite specific about the specifics! Along with numbers, models, accessories, and connection types are big topics of discussion so it can really be foreign if you’re new to the scene and stumbling upon a conversation.

If you’re in the dark about this peculiar slanguage, here’s a glossary to keep your vocab up to date!

510: The most common type of connection on advanced vaporizers where tanks get screwed in.

Atty/ Atomizer: The part of the device responsible for heating and vaporizing the liquid nicotine. They are replaceable with a short shelf life, so keep extras with you always.

APV/ PV: “Advanced Personal Vaporizer” or “Personal Vaporizer,” these are the correct current terms for advanced vaping devices.

Carto/ Cartomizer: A hybrid of a cartridge and an atomizer, designed into one piece for holding liquid and vaporizing it.

Cig-alike: Basic e-cigs that resemble traditional cigarettes; entry level types such as the Express.

Dripping: A method of vaping that uses a mouthpiece called a drip tip. It causes the e-liquid to drip directly onto the atomizer, or heating coil. It is a preferred method among many because it produces amazing flavor and throat hits.

Drip Tips: Mouthpieces designed for dripping.

eGo: Generic, general name for vaporizers. You know an eGo vape when you see one; larger than cig-alikes, they make no effort attempting to be cigarettes.

Head/ Wick/ Coil: These terms get tossed around A LOT and are used interchangeably. They are replaceable atomizer heads.

MAH: Milliamps per hour. The unit of measure for the power of APV batteries.

Mods: Typically a vaporizer that is on the larger side, requiring a larger battery, resembling flashlights. They enable you to do as much modification as you like.

Pass Through: Vaporizers that are designed with a passthrough charging cord; they can be used during charging.

RBA: Rebuildable atomizer. Extremely advanced vaping systems, and the fun part is you get to build them yourself. Not for beginners!

Tank: The versatile, replaceable compartment where e-liquid is held.

Popularity of Digital Cigarettes is leading to New Challenges for Employers


In recent months, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been working to crack down on unregulated digital cigarettes. The problem is though all of this is still in its infancy. Although digital cigarettes are not yet defined as tobacco products by the federal government, many cities, states and municipalities are beginning to impose various restrictions and bans.

All while the FDA is working to set up governing rules, e-cigarette sales are sharply increasing—in some instances tripling over a two-year period.

Since most workplaces in the U.S. have become smoke-free facilities in recent years, the increase in people turning to digital cigarettes has led employers and management into new territory – specifically, how do they deal with employees who want to vape at work or while on a break.

First thing’s first, employers should create a digital cigarette policy. This policy should first cover whether e-cigarettes should be banned, allowed in smoking areas, allowed in approved areas (outside of any regular smoking areas) or whether they should be allowed inside the workplace. Regardless of how employers decide to handle digital cigs, it is important to create a written policy (or update an existing smoking policy). This way, if there are ever any questions or concerns, the company has the answers in writing.

It is typical for employers to set down rules for cellphone use, social networking and any other activities/ conduct that could interfere with an employee’s ability to do their job.

Pros and Cons of Workplace Bans

Before making a decision to limit or ban digital cigarette usage, employers should weigh the pros and cons of doing so. Chances are, as the employer, you could very well face opposition from both sides. On one hand, you’ll face angering those that wish to vape and on the other, you’ll face employees that will be bothered by the electric devices. In addition, for those who wish to vape, you could damage employee morale and productivity.

Unfortunately, you will never be able to please everyone.

For those who are pro e-cigarette, an employee who is able to vape at their desk will be able to be more productive than those who have to leave their workspace to take physical smoke breaks.

Making the decision to address the usage of digital cigarettes will by no means be easy or quick. However, by taking the steps to create a policy can help make your workplace more inviting and productive.

For more tips on establishing a policy, we invite you to check out our article Vaping in the Office – Should it be Allowed?, or continue browsing our site to learn more about these revolutionary devices.