Formaldehyde and E-Cigarette Vapor: Truth Vs. Fiction

formaldehyde and e-cigarettesSome of the biggest news to hit the electronic cigarette world has stemmed from a report out of Japan, published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Surely, whether or not you use the devices, you’ve come across headlines berating e-cigarettes for supposedly containing more formaldehyde than traditional cigarettes.

Despite being a generally highly-revered scientific publication, this particular published piece has a variety of elements that are flagrantly deceptive. The authors fail to discuss all the facts, as well as overlook important information, with the end result being a tragic, viral case of misreporting.

Dr. Constantino Farsalinos, one of the leading international researchers involved in the study of electronic cigarettes, has discussed this study in depth, deciphering the way the vaporizer device was used, as well as the “formaldehyde” (formaldehyde hemiacetals) produced. The study is meant to examine e-cigarette usage that dangerously exposes users to “formaldehyde”, yet when analyzed further, based on the data provided in the study, the vaporizer was used incorrectly and the components produced were not true “formaldehyde” aerosoles.

So what exactly is formaldehyde? It is a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. It is an inherently natural, and vastly abundant substance created by the body as a common function of cell metabolism. So common in fact, throughout the natural world all organic life forms produce it.

To those familiar with the tech specs of using an advanced vaporizer, the device used in this study was used incorrectly. Both the researchers and those who approved the study did not take into account that vaporizer power is measured in wattage, and in the study it is unknown what watt the atomizer was set to. Dr. Farsalinos was able to determine approximations based on the figures given in the study, however.

For instance, 5ml of liquid were used at 3.3 volts (a typical setting), which would bring the consumption to about 6-7 watts at 4 seconds per puff, resulting in no formaldehyde hemiacetals produced within the aerosol. However when the settings were tweaked, and the voltage set to 5 volts, the watts increased to 14-16 watts, which is too high to use. This extreme setting causes the atomizer to overheat, and therefore produce formaldehyde hemiacetals. To those unaware of proper vaporizer function, this setting it not the norm. With the atomizer running at such high demand, the flavor would be severely compromised, and it would not be consumable. In fact, in the vaping community, this occurrence is known negatively as the “dry puff phenomenon.”

The main focus of this article is on formaldehyde, however what the study fails to mention is that the substances found during testing were “formaldehyde hemiacetals,” not actual formaldehyde. Formaldehyde hemiacetals are comprised of a combination of formaldehyde and alcohols (formaldehyde-propylene glycol or formaldehyde-glycerol. Their likeness in this study to true formaldehyde was based on referencing a study in which contact dermatitis (an allergic skin condition) was linked to similar formaldehyde-releasing substances. Deeper evaluation of this study concluded that these substances were not the same formaldehyde hemiacetals released in the aerosols from e-cigarettes, and they had no relation whatsoever. There is no evidence proving formaldehyde hemiacetals are carcinogenic or even toxic in any way. Furthermore, there is a possibility that hemiacetals may have the potential to protect against harm from actual formaldehyde.

To conclude, this study is full of flaws, misinterpretations, and fallacies. If the aim is to inadvertently create aldehydes, the researchers behind it no doubt did this. What they didn’t do is explain is that under typical circumstances, atomizers are not used in such ways that will produce such formaldehyde hemiacetals. Flawed “scientific studies” do more harm than good, and when exaggerated by the media, hungry for an uproar, the result can be tremendously detrimental.
To read the report by Dr. Farsalinos, please find it here:

And for the original published piece from New England Journal of Medicine, find it here:

Annual Survey Indicates Rise of Digital Cigs in Public Schools

Every year the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) conducts a survey among school age children to gauge the trends in a variety of drug, tobacco and alcohol usage.  After surveying 41,000 students in 377 different middle and high schools, it was determined fortunately that usage in a variety of prescription drugs, alcohol and opioids had gone down. Traditional cigarette smoking declined as well, but there has been a rise in digital cigarette usage in the schools.

VF blog 01-11-2015 image

2014 was the first year that e-cigs have been included in the survey.  Many believe that possibly the amount of traditional smokers has declined because of the rise in digital usage. Some believe that teens have chosen an alternative with vaping instead of analogue cigarettes; however, others believe they never would have smoked in the first place had they not been introduced to vaping.
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How Are Those Resolutions Going?

Switch to Vaping 2015So, we are now more than halfway through January, how are those 2015 Resolutions going? Are you still on track, or have you canned those goals already? And if switching to vaporizers from traditional cigarettes was your resolution, how are you doing?

While the majority of people make New Year Resolutions half knowing they are going to back out on them, they would not make them if they didn’t want them. So, in hopes of helping you stick with it, here are some tips to keeping those resolutions at this point in the game. Let’s all make 2015 OUR year, and make it happen! Especially if saying “sayonara” to tobacco is on the top of the “to-do” list!

1: Remind yourself why this is meaningful. Whether you’re trying to get in shape, live better, cross things off your bucket list, or totally drop the cigarettes for good, there is a reason you want it.

2. Patience, patience, patience! You aren’t going to make huge leaps in a day most of the time. Sure, you can ditch the cigs cold turkey for vaping, but it’s not always that easy. And many times when people go that route, the cravings they experience for the familiar traditionals can suck big time. Remember little steps add up to big ones, go a little a time in the right direction.

3. Celebrate the little victories. One week smoke-free. Two weeks vaping only. 3 weeks of avoiding the urge to get a pack of smokes, and so on. Every milestone is important, and serves as a reminder that you are getting where you want to be.

4. Focus on what you are doing right. So you caved and bought a pack of cigarettes at some point in there, but you’re still making a conscious effort to alternate traditional and conventional cigarettes while you phase the tobacco out.

5. Use technology to your advantage. Hey, one of the best benefits to vaping are all of the sick products. We carry all types of insane devices, and having products that perform in such ways and give you so many options really keeps things interesting. Traditional smoking is all about the same-old, same-old, while high tech vaping uses digital technology to your advantage and gives you so many ways to customize the experience.

6. Reward yourself! When you find yourself in a slump, or hitting your goals, treat yourself to some nice new vape gear. Try a vape pen. Try a new tank. Learn about rebuildables; you’ve got a world of gear awaiting you! Gotta keep that flame going!

E-Liquid 101: Safety Tips for Parents

VaporFi-E-Liquid SafetyThere’s been a lot of discussion in the media in recent times about the safety of e-liquids and children. Specifically in regards to children and liquid poisoning. Scare tactics aside, there’s a reason electronic cigarettes and nicotine e-liquids are meant for adult usage only. Nicotine, as pleasurable and enjoyable as it is, let’s be honest, has the potential to be toxic as well as addictive. Just like alcohol.

So here’s what you need to know in regards to keeping your children safe and being able to use e-liquids. Yes, it can be done and no, your children are not at inherent risk.

Common Sense – This is the biggest factor in all of it. Considering that electronic cigarette e-liquids are intended for use only by adults, they should be kept completely out of reach of children. You wouldn’t make your prescription drugs and alcohol available to them, would you?

Understand What You’re Dealing With – Nicotine e-liquid is comprised of nicotine, which in high doses can be considered a toxin. It can cause internal damage when swallowed, as well as when it absorbs through the skin. It can be toxic for adults as well as children however far more dangerous to children than adults. Understanding all of this will give you more insight as to why it is important to handle your e-liquids properly as well as keep them entirely away from the reach of children.

Use Locks if You Need to – Kids get into things, we all know that; especially if you have kids. So if keeping them safe from your e-liquid means that you have to use the security of a lock, do it. Locked up liquor cabinets and safes for guns are quite common for reason, store your e-juice just as securely.

If a Child Does Get Ahold: Should an accidental swallowing occur, seek medical attention immediately.

Responsible electronic cigarette companies, such as VaporFi, intend their products for usage by adults over the age of 18 exclusively, and this extends to nicotine liquid as well. This isn’t to imply that electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are dangerous, however they must be used with caution to avoid accidental harm. With proper usage, and proper precautions, you and your kids will be fine!

Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend! Time to Get Vaping!

Relax! Weekend Vaping is Now!It’s the weekend; we’ve made it! And whether that means you’re smack in the middle of 60 hours of relaxation or you’ve got to work through it, we thought we’d deliver a public service announcement: weekend vaping is rather awesome. Time to unwind, relax, and push that personal “reset” button that will rejuvenate you to the core. So how do you vape on the weekends?

Whether you stay in the whole Friday night through Monday morning period, only venturing out of your domestic cave for bathroom breaks, as you tune into a steady stream of goodies on NetFlix holding down the bed… Or you make every minute count to the point of spending your entire next work week recovering; weekend vaping through it all, enjoying every free, indulgent moment ROCKS! Regardless of your preferences on what a weekend well spent constitutes, being able to vape only adds to the bliss.

There ain’t nothing wrong with veging out, vaping and enjoying entire seasons of certain shows, by the way. Delicious e-juice, a high-powered device you customized yourself, big, luscious vapor clouds – we really don’t blame you if that’s what you call a good time!

If you’re going to be out and about, bring your vape if you’re hitting up the bars, socializing, going to any shows, or are planning to party in any way. You know how versatile vaping is, and how great it is to enjoy the freedom of smoking everywhere. Plus, you get all the convenience of using vaporizers. And, hey, it never hurts to be flaunting a sick looking vape in public!

Being a part of the standard population, who toils through the week to bring home that paycheck, you know good it feels when the week ends and the weekend begins. If you live in an area where a VaporFi location is conveniently set up, do yourself a favor and stop in for our always exciting Happy Hour on Friday at 5pm. This will get help you your fill of tasty blends at sweet prices, and you can kick back, relax, and chill with the vape fam for a bit.

The only thing bad about weekend vaping is that you will have ample time to spend your hard earned cash on- you guessed it- more vape gear!

Introducing the Custom Vaporizer Builder!

Custom Vaporizer Builder from VaporFiOne of the best reasons to use a vaporizer is all the different levels of personalization and customization that are available to you, and with our endless assortment of different options you will have no problem creating of vape pens of your dreams, over and over again! We urge you to get creative, get specific, and get cracking with the Custom Vaporizer Builder! We’re sure that once you try this snazzy new feature, you’re not gonna be able to stop with just one!

So here’s the breakdown, the step-by-step method that will guide you to designing your ultimate custom vape pen. It’s super easy, fun, and a great place for beginners to start!

1. Choose your battery (the USB charger will be included). This is the body of your device, and the most important piece. Your choices include the Pro Battery 650 mAh, the Pro Battery 1000 mAh, the Pro
Variable Battery 1000 mAh and the Rocket Variable Battery.

2. Next up, you choose your tank. You’ve got even more choices in tanks than you batteries because the tanks are rather personal. They come in different sizes, colors and materials so finding one that really fits your style is very easy. You can go for basic with the Pro L Clearomizer Tank, kick it up a few notches with the Platinum Clearomizer Tank, or go all out with the Titanium Tank, and even still there are more options!

3. Add additional atomizer heads. Tanks only come with one so grabbing a few more is a great idea. It’s an optional step when building your device but we highly suggest it.

4. Need a wall charger? It’s another great thing to have in your selection, as extra chargers are basically necessities and being able to use a standard wall outlet is always a grand option to have at your disposal. So get the universal wall charging adapter!

5. Confirm your order. After you build your vaporizer, have a good look-see over it, and make sure it fits your fantasy.

And that sums it up! The only thing left to do is wait for your rocking new vaporizer get to you! Customizing rocks and getting exactly what you want in you device can make your experience even more fabulous. Get customizing NOW with the Custom Vaporizer Builder!

Vaping for Foodies

VaporFi S'moresYou’re a foodie and a vaper. Your best bet when vaping when it comes to flavors that please your sophisticated palate? VaporFi.

Foodies, you know who you are. You seek out the best flavors the world can offer, and you bring gourmet to the everyday. And when foodies vape, finding great flavors can make or break the experience. So, if you have found yourself in this predicament, you know how tricky it can be to not only find solid flavors you enjoy, but also a dependable brand you can trust to deliver the finest taste.

Yes this is real! If you are big on flavor, enjoying new flavors, and always want to experience all the many varieties that are out there, you best be vaping with our liquids! That’s right, we’re taking vape flavors to new heights: 30,000 options galore!

We carry over 50 different single e-liquid flavors, and these can be tailored to your tastes by having either single or double shots. However, things get even crazier when you start delving into Custom Blends. Our custom blended e-liquids can be blended into thousands of different flavors, giving you endless options for gourmet flavors, so if there is something you’re desiring, your foodie cravings will most likely get satisfied!

VaporFi caters to any vaper (or foodie-vaper) who wants exceptional flavors, both in variety and quality. We use the best ingredients, a superb balance of VG to PG ratio, glycerin sourced exclusively from the Malaysian Palm, which helps us avoid peanut derived glycerin, which is known to be an allergen. Our liquids are diacetyl-free, so not only will you not have to even consider whether or not your liquids will taste of fake butter, you won’t have to worry about breathing that gunk into your lungs. And, to top it off, VaporFi e-liquids are 100% made in the USA. Which alludes to our guarantee of freshness, and equates to better performance, better taste, and better vapor production!

Yes, we take flavor quite seriously. And when it comes to e-liquids, we aim to please everyone, foodies included! Now, if you’re planning on vaping and enjoying some serious eating, go for it! You will not be disappointed!

Vaping Maintenance Cheat Sheet

vaping how to'sCaring for your vape is a big deal, you need to take proper care of it if you want it to last any decent amount of time and give you the kind of performance you’d expect from it. Here is a cheat sheet you can reference, for all the basic guidelines on maintaining your device and some quick vaping ‘how to’s‘.

Charging Vaporizer Batteries:

  • -Do not use it, even if it comes with some power, prior to charging it up the first time.
  • -Charge it for more than 2 hours prior to initial use.
  • -After initial charge, do not overcharge it.
  • -Charging is best done when the battery reaches 50% capacity; recharging at this point puts less strain on the battery to reboot.
  • -Use only the chargers specified by the manufacturer for your device.

Atomizer Info:

  • -Atomizers don’t last long; about 2-4 weeks with regular use.
  • -Single coil or double? It’s a matter of preference, so try both types.
  • -Don’t drain e-liquid completely before refilling. The atomizer needs sufficient liquid immersion to run properly.

Filling E-Liquid:

  • -Don’t overfill, 75% maximum is best.
  • -Drip it into the center tube, along the side.

Storing Your Vape Pen:

  • -Keep it away from heat and excessive light. (Don’t leave it in the car)
  • -A product-specific storage case is ideal.
  • -Your pocket is not.
  • -E-liquid is best stored in a cool, dark place, like the fridge, when not in use.

Cleaning Your Device:

  • -Separate all components.
  • -Wipe everything down with a clean, dry, and soft cloth.
  • -Use a toothbrush to dislodge any tough, caked-on stuff.
  • -Do it regularly for optimal performance!

Troubleshooting: Reduced, or No Vapor?

  • -Fill liquid.
  • -Check to see if atomizer is connected too tightly.
  • -Been a while since you changed the atty? It may need to be swapped out for a new one.
  • -Check to see if charging needs to done.

Troubleshooting: Experiencing Burnt Flavor?

  • -Refill your e-liquid if it’s low.
  • -Is your atomizer old? It may need replacing; they have a short lifespan.
  • -Battery may need charging so check it.

Hopefully these quickie tips come in handy for you! We know how handy having a go-to guide can be, especially when you need to know something right now! Happy vaping!

Happy Bubble Bath Day, Get Ready to Unwind!

Happy Bubble Bath Day!Get ready to escape the deep freeze and get the relaxation ON! Today, January 8th, is Bubble Bath Day, and we strongly encourage you to get your fine butts into the tub for some serious relaxation! Bust out the bubbles, drop some scented oils in for aromatherapy, dim the lights and fire up the candles. Most importantly, don’t forget to grab your vape, and get ready to unwind! (Just be sure to keep your personal vaporizer out of the water because you definitely won’t be relaxing if you kill it!)

Bubble baths are one of those simple luxuries that never get old, and they should never be reserved just for kids! Your muscles will thank you, your skin will thank you, and your totally decompressed mind will thank you; they are basically like giving yourself a mini spa day at a moment’s notice, without having to exert any effort getting there! And on a day like today, where almost all of the USA is frigid, taking a bath in soothing warm bubbles could not be a more perfect accompaniment! However, because we like to take things a little further, and we are all for catering to the vapor aficionados of the world, we think this day should be savored more fully with your vape in hand. Vaping is one of the best additions to any relaxing set up, whether you’re going to be soaking in a tub full of luxuriously enhanced water, or not.

Considering the majority of the continental US is under a deep freeze, hopefully you have the privilege of staying indoors today. And if you don’t, can you imagine any better way to get the warmth back into your bones than with a rejuvenating soak in a bubble bath later on? Any vaper knows that adding your APV makes any good time better, so why not take the indulgence up a few notches, use e-liquids that add to the mood of chilling out, and relish the fact that you don’t have to exit the warmth to smoke! Happy Bubble Bath Day!