Artisan Collection: Why Your Taste Buds Need to Experience This

VaporFi Artisan CollectionWe’re really well-known for our e-liquids, and it goes without saying how much effort we’ve put into crafting nicotine e-juice of epic standards. We offer dozens of single flavors that are rather kick-ass in nature, we offer the option of single or double shots to get the level of intensity perfectly suited to every vapor. We offer thousands upon thousands of possibilities with our Custom Blending, giving our users the ability to create virtually any flavor their taste buds and cravings can conjure up. And now, we have taken e-liquids to the next level with the launching of our Artisan Collection. Suffice it to say, e-juice is our thang.

Here is a look at what this exciting new collection entails… Each blend is a mysterious journey into flavor extremes, crafted to enthrall, with a an e-liquid base designed to perform. You’ve got to try these gourmet e-liquids, because flavor is something not to be messed with!

Northern Lights: Exotically fruity, refreshing, and light. Not overt in the sweet department, this flavor is balanced all the way through.

Moroccan Gold: Rich, exotic, and incredibly tantalizing, this flavor is reminiscent of bold flavors of the East.

Monkey Business: Monkeying around calls for some serious flavor, involving bananas and creamy custard. This one is rather indulgent.

Decadence: Sometimes the occasion calls for intense, chocolaty, nutty richness, and when you need to be overwhelmed, vape with Decadence!

Summer Lovin’: Summery fresh and oh-so delish, the taste of the summer is hard to beat!

Black Velvet: Rich and velvety, this is the taste of fun! Like your favorite bubbly soft drink, splashed with cherry, mmmm!

So in this light of seeking out the best and offering to you y’all, we decided to go further. And that, my friends is the premise behind our new Artisan Collection e-liquids. If you haven’t tried anything from this exciting new line, consider yourself forewarned: these flavors are unreal! Pre-Order is going on right now; the collection drops this week!

Franchise with VaporFi

VaporFi FranchiseEver thought about owning your own e-cig or vape shop? Well, we’ve got the perfect formula if you’re looking to make that dream a reality.

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, want to own your own business, be your own boss, and be immersed in vape culture 24/7, VaporFi may be the right path to embark on. As you are probably aware, the electronic cigarette industry is growing big time, and especially in regards to brick and mortar retail locations. As the industry expands, users are seeking the products at more venues, in more locations.

What VaporFi offers is not only a unique and popular take in this growing industry, but a very innovative concept that has become the premier way to sell e-cigarettes in a vape shop type location. As innovation is behind everything we do, you bet our stores are as dope as our products!

The VaporFi standard is an upscale yet comfortable, trendy yet cool, and very exciting brick and mortar store. Staffed by experts who are as approachable as they are knowledgeable, they can take you through the whole range of our products.

The e-cigarette industry is booming, and franchising with VaporFi is one of the best ways in. Sure, doing it on your own may be an enticing idea, but having the backing of a highly successful, well-known name, with a solid reputation for products that rock, makes it a whole lot easier. Not to mention, the backing of a highly experienced, loaded with expertise management team that offers all the support you could need to do this. Yes, that’s right, we did all the dirty work!

This is a billion dollar industry, and there really is no better time than right now to break into it. Why go it alone when you can do so under a trusted, and very popular name? For more info on franchising with VaporFi, head over to our franchising page which contains all the details. Also, feel free to contact us at 1-855-93 VAPOR (1-855-938-2767). The future is looking spectacular; we’d love it if you joined us!

Everything you Need to Know About Nicotine

What is Nicotine?Nicotine and e-cigs; they really were made for each other. Nicotine, however has been the subject of great scrutiny as of late, and we thought it would be kinda nice to set the record straight. Smoking and nicotine are pretty synonymous with each other, however many are unaware that among all the negatives associated with smoking, nicotine is not included in the list.

So what is nicotine?

Nicotine is a stimulant. Like caffeine, nicotine triggers the release of chemical messengers in the brain, similarly to endorphins.

Many people consider nicotine to be a drug, and classify it in the same context as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines, however when analyzed properly and scientifically, it has been shown to be totally different. Nicotine, unlike other substances considered recreational drugs, does not provide any type of mind-altering, intoxicating “high.” Nicotine is a naturally occurring substance, and while it is found commonly in tobacco, it is also found in the family of vegetables known as the Solanaceae, which includes tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant.

Nicotine has no effect, or impairment on judgement, motor skills or concentration. It is perfectly legal to drive and smoke cigarettes, is it not? In actuality, nicotine has shown to have benefits that include added concentration, improved fine motor skills, improved attention, and the ability to focus. So good are these benefits, they are being considered as possible treatment options for a wide range of illnesses, including attention deficit disorder (ADD), Parkinson’s Disease, Tourette’s Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, sleep apnea, ulcerative colitis, obesity, and a variety of skin disorders. Pretty good side effects, no?

Additionally, nicotine has not been found to be a carcinogen. There is no getting around the fact that cigarettes contain countless carcinogenic properties, however nicotine is not part of that group.

So, if you ever find yourself doubting the nicotine in your vape pen, think again. If you prefer to lessen your intake, or switch 0% nicotine in your e-liquids at any time, go for it – more power to ya! Otherwise, vape on, in your happy cloud of nicotine-infused vapor!

Modern Times, Modern Lifestyles, Modern Smoking

VaporFi VapingVaping has become the optimal way to smoke, making it rather uncool to be a tobacco smoker. While this method offers a similar approach, with a very similar experience, e-smoking could not be any more different than traditional smoking where it really counts. Want some good reasons to switch to vapor? Here ya go!

  1. Cleaner: We all know how filthy traditional cigarettes are; from the endless trash, the gross chemical-filled butts, the ash that gets everywhere, the way it stains your hands, leaves nasty residual tar on everything, it’s just not a pretty habit by any means. Vaping on the other hand, cuts all of that out!
  2. Odor-Free: Vapor is nice and clean in every way, and with that comes a lack of funky smell. If you’re still smoking, imagine how nice it will be to actually smell fresh!
  3. Not a Fire Hazard: Traditional cigarettes cause 7,600 fire-related deaths each year, according to FEMA. Obviously flammable, and quite the producers of combustion, they can be highly dangerous. Vaporizers and e-cigarettes, however, do not produce flame, combustion, or require any fire to work. Safer is a good thing. Burning down your house is a scary prospect!
  4. Won’t Stain Your Teeth: Tobacco tar can stain up your teeth like nothing else. Vapor, quite pleasantly, does not leave nasty tar behind as evidence. One of the best reasons to choose vapor as your preferred method of nicotine delivery is that vaping is much kinder on the teeth than traditional cigarettes.
  5. Vapers are Sexier: Smokers don’t just smell bad, have yellow teeth, and are less healthy; they also carry a stigma of being less attractive as a result of these things. Profiling, stereotyping, and judging books by covers it may be, but general opinions run rampant when it comes to dating. Want to give yourself an automatic boost in hotness? Drop the cigs for good.
  6. Flavor Choices: I mean seriously. 30,000 e-liquid flavor choices when you’re using VaporFi liquids, people! No tobacco company can hold a candle to that! Plus vaping doesn’t wreck your tastebuds like smoking does, so you’ll actually be able to taste these, plus lots of other things too!

And these reasons, my friends, are just the beginning. Vapor smoking opens up worlds of possibilities, and there is no reason to cheat yourself from a more comfortable, enjoyable, less expensive, less smelly, totally flavorful lifestyle!

Do E Cigs Increase Your Chances of Getting the Flu and Pneumonia?


The flu season is in full swing, and many people are bracing against the onslaught of illness by arming themselves with hand sanitizer and multi-vitamins. Despite such preventative measures, according to the CDC, “the flu remains widespread across most of the country and severity indicators are still high” as of February 6.
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5 Studies that the Anti-E-Cig Media Isn’t Discussing

E-Cigarette StudiesWhen it comes to e-smoking, there’s a lot of controversy flying these days. Anyone who has vaped for any time period beyond the first experience, has experienced satisfaction, and has experienced even some of the positive benefits, can say they know from personal experience that they are better than the traditional. However, to combat the propaganda, suspicious, paranoid, and just all-around vape haters, here are a handful of ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC E-CIGARETTE STUDIES that are not getting mainstream coverage, when they should be! Because while the continuous cry that there is not enough research, or no research yet, in reality, research has been in the works for the past few years.

Gateway to Smoking?

Nope. A study from The American Journal of Prevention Medicine analyzed data from 1300 American undergrad college students, and the final results showed that 3 members of that group started smoking traditional cigarettes after first trying nicotine using e-cigarettes. 3/1300 is a minute figure, not even enough to be a statistic.

Nicotine but No Combustible Toxins in Second-Hand Vapor

Oxford Journals conducted a study where six doctors examined second hand vapor through a variety of tests, and found that the vapor contains no combustion-related toxins, contrary to the effects of tobacco smoke. Nicotine was found in second-hand vapor, however at trace levels: 10 times less than what smokers would be exposed to from smoking. Their conclusion upon submitting the research to Oxford Journals: “The study showed that e-cigarettes are a source of secondhand exposure to nicotine but not to combustion toxicants.”

E-Liquid is Heart Safe

A study done to examine the effect of e-liquid and the heart was recently conducted, and this adds to the evidence that there is no danger from vaping. 20 different brands of e-liquid were analyzed, and the results showed there is no negative effect on the heart.

E-Liquid is Lung Safe, too

In a study done in Greece, 15 smokers and 15 nonsmokers were tested to see how traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes affected their lungs. The conclusion of this study showed that vaping did not have negative effects on lung function, neither in active or passive vaping. Tobacco smoke, on the other hand, had a more harmful effect on the respiratory system when in second hand than vaping did in first-hand.

E-Cigarettes are Not Explosive, or a Fire Hazard

The U.S. Fire Administration debunked this common misconception, concluding that of all the millions of devices in use and the 2.5 million vapers who use them, there have only been 25 reported cases of fire as a result, 9 of these included injuries, and there have been no deaths. Conclusion: failure (fire) rate is extremely low.

Plus 2 Facts from Serious, Legitimate, Scientific Sources:

A recent statement published by the Queen Mary University of London, UK: “although there are gaps in the knowledge that require further research, the current evidence about e-cigarettes does not justify regulating them more strictly than, or even as strictly as, conventional cigarettes.”

And, in a 2013 survey, ⅔ of the physicians in the state of North Carolina stated that they believe e-cigarettes hold much potential as a smoking aid, and 35% of these doctors have already recommended the products as cessation aids.

So, my vaping friends, the moral of the story is don’t believe everything you hear in the media. And if you want to know about e-cigarette research, it’s being done, and we’re certain only more credible studies will continue to pour in from credible sources.

Everyday Vape FAQ

Vape Questions For newbies, the world of vaping can seem rather intimidating. All these terms, all the slang when you just want a simple, straight-up answer. Maybe a few weeks down the road you’ll be fully fluent in vape lingo, and chatting in ohms, volts, vapes, and mAh’s, but until then here’s an FAQ dedicated to the everyday stuff of vaping, particularly for those looking for a direct answer in simple terms. We get it!

What is a vaporizer?

It’s a device designed for e-smoking, like a basic e-cig, but more advanced. Advanced Personal Vaporizers run on batteries, use liquid nicotine, and offer nicotine if you choose. Just like e-cigs, there is no smoke, tar, or odor.

Is it really cheaper to vape than smoke?

While the upfront starter costs to use an e-cigarette or advanced vaporizer are higher than a single pack of cigarettes, the long term cost is significantly less. Here is a look at how you can save even more money when vaping.

Does using a vaporizer/ e-cig feel just like traditional cigarettes?

It’s a similar process and concept, however the actual motion of using a vaporizer is very different from dragging on a cigarette. You will inhale and puff, intake the vapor and nicotine, and exhale, but there is a difference in how you puff.

Can I seriously vape anywhere I want?

Generally, yes. It has become very common to see vapers using their devices in many public places, however there are some restrictions to keep in mind. Vaping on airplanes is prohibited, and a variety of US cities have bans in public places. And, then there is the common courtesy aspect; remember your vaping etiquette so you don’t make a fool of yourself.

How do I know what’s in my e-liquid?

While we can’t say what other brands have in their liquid, here’s what’s in ours:

  • Water
  • Flavoring
  • Nicotine
  • PG and VG

What does variable voltage and variable wattage mean?

Basically, these are settings on specific advanced vaporizers that enable users to manually adjust the heat of the atomizer for a personally tailored vaping experience. Using these devices requires a good amount of knowledge of amps, watts, and resistance levels for proper use and satisfaction.

So, is your question answered? For more fun and exciting FAQ, be sure to check out our in-depth version here! And if you’re just hungry for more advanced vaporizer knowledge, mosey on over to the VaporFi Learning Center!


The Dreaded Dry Puff

dry puff troubleshootingThe dry puff is a dreaded phenomenon when you use an advanced vaporizer. It is an occurrence all vapors look to steer clear of, and avoid at all costs. Want to know more about what dry puffs are and how to keep them at bay? Keep reading! You know that we always have your best interests in mind!

Dry puffs, also known as “dry hits” suck. They taste awful, can make you cough, and can also have the terrible side effect of leaving e-liquid in your mouth. Once you experience it, you’ll probably do all you can to prevent it from happening again!

Dry hits are the result of an atomizer heating up and not having liquid to vaporize. The wick dries out, and any liquid available gets charred and the flavor will be disgusting! Several contributing factors are the cause, so if you have found yourself among the many who’ve had to endure it, here are some of the reasons behind it.

Wattage too high. This causes the atty to heat up too hot too fast, which does not allow the liquid to fully saturate the wick. Turning the wattage or voltage down a bit can fix this in a jiffy.

Too much airflow. If you’re using a device that has airflow control, the issue may be that the vent is fully open, causing the air to move over the wick excessively. This causes an issue because when puffing, there will not be enough air to draw more e-liquid into the wick, causing it to dry out fast.

Old coils. Replacement coils are a hot ticket item for a reason! Seasoned vapers know you’ve got to swap the old ones out regularly, every 1-2 weeks on average. E-liquid causes build up within the coils, so they need regular changing for top performance.

No more liquid. This one is self-explanatory, but it happens quite often. We’ve all been there for whatever reason, and we know it can be easy to overlook this obvious factor. Luckily, it’s a quick fix, so fill up your e-liquid stat!

So that sums up the plague known as the dry puff. It’s a rite of passage, and once you know how to avoid it, you will!

What Effect Can Vaping Have On Your Insurance Premiums?


Smokers have historically had higher insurance premiums than non-smokers. This fact did not change when the Affordable Care Act rolled out last year. The average smoker will pay up to double what a non-smoker will dole out for health insurance starting this year with the enactment of the “tobacco surcharge.”
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The Traveler’s Guide to Vaping

Traveling and VapingHitting the road for Spring Break? Here’s what you need to know to make sure you’ve got everything necessary to vape when traveling! Whether you’ll be going by plane, car, or cruising on a ship, here’s what to bring and what you should plan for!

E-Cigarettes & Vape Pens

This is your most important part! Don’t go without your vape! Sure, there may be a vape shop in the vicinity, but why create an additional hassle? And there’s also quality to consider – why settle for a lesser quality device if you don’t need to?


You need more than one. In everyday life it’s a necessity to have more than one, so it’s extra-imperative that if you are on vacay-mode, you’ve got a few to spare. Back up can be a lifesaver!


Carry a few of them, versatility and options will add to your ease of comfort while worrying about more important things. Like working on your tan, and where to get the best margaritas.


Why bother with all of your other gear if you aren’t bringing extra liquid? Make sure you have more than enough for the length of your trip, as unexpected things should be expected, and extra liquid could mean the difference between vaping and not vaping. Bonus points for vacation-inspired e-liquid flavors!


Lanyards and cases are especially useful when traveling, so check out our selection of vape accessories, and grab what you need ahead of time. You can thank us later for this one!

Other Useful Tips for Plane Travel: Pack your gear in your carryon luggage, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to it. Disconnect your battery from your device, as this can help avoid setting off the security alarm when going through checkpoints. Be open with the security personnel about what it is, and what it’s for. And, just as a reminder because we’re good like that: don’t vape on the plane. It’s illegal.

Now, as for your trip, we urge you to pack accordingly and have as much fun as possible. Wherever you’re off to, as long as you can vape, we’re sure you’ll be living it up! Adios!