How Long Does it Take to Switch to Vaping?

maxresdefaultSwitching to electronic smoking and using vaporizers is different for every smoker. For many it’s an instant switch, an upgrade in every way, and a perfect lifestyle option that takes no time at all to get used to. For others though, it takes longer, sometimes months to really get into it, and fully switch. It’s a different, personal experience for everyone, so try not to get attached to any expectations. However, if you are interested in switching, or have recently done so, here are some tips to assist as you transition away from the smoke, to the cleaner, fresher, more delicious smoke-free alternative.

Tips For Switching to VaporZone:

  • Try different flavors; we’ve got 30,000 different single flavors and custom-blended e-liquid options for you!
  • Try different products, you’re more likely to find the perfect fit by trying what’s out there. Kinda like dating.
  • Embrace vaping as different; it won’t be just like tobacco, and that can be a great thing.
  • Embrace the technology. Electronic cigarette vaporizers are such an improvement compared to analog cigarettes, and they offer so many more positive attributes, such as not dropping ash, being able to charge them as opposed to dealing with fire, and not having to worry about how you smell.
  • For some people, gradually lessening the amount of cigarettes you smoke as you get the hang of vaping works really well.
  • While you may be mentally ready for a full-out switch, remember that your body may not be. Traditional cigarettes are loaded with chemicals, and when you switch to VaporZone e-cigarettes, which contain no chemicals and just a few inhalation-grade ingredients, your body may take some time to get used to this. You can assist yourself by drinking a lot of water to help flush those toxins out for good.
  • Perspective is your friend. If it does take you longer than you expected to switch completely, remember that you were most likely smoking cigarettes for a whole lot longer, and just be patient.
  • Get used to having a lot more freedom; you can use your vaporizer in so many more places than you could with cigarettes, and it is amazing!
  • Relax and enjoy it all! You’re more likely to be successful at switching if you are spending your time finding ways to enjoy it rather than stressing about it!

Let’s Talk About PG

vz_eliquid_01_10_1We wrote about VG (you know, Vegetable Glycerin) recently, and thought we’d follow it up with a look at PG, the other mysterious, two-letter abbreviation involved in producing e-liquid.

If you are familiar with vaping lingo, or have spent any time in the vaping community, or have read through any vaping discussions online, chances are you’ve come across this term, and whether you’re familiar with it or haven’t a clue, it’s a vital part of producing a satisfying vapor!

So in case you are wondering what is PG, and what it’s doing your e-liquid, here is an in-depth look at it!

PG stands for Propylene Glycol, and it is used in most e-liquids, both on it’s own, and combined with vegetable glycerin. The majority of liquids out there contain just four ingredients: water, nicotine, flavoring, and either PG or VG. Some e-smokers have preferences about which they prefer their e-liquid to contain, and there are many types of liquids that are exclusively VG or PG, however we have found that because each has their positive points, and few negatives, a combination of both produces the best, and most balanced e-liquid!

PG, besides being awesome for producing great, powerful hits of vapor, is actually found in a myriad of different products made for consumption such as boxed cake mixes and other baking goods, wine, beer, and other types of liquor, food dyes, sodas, and salad dressings, among other things. In addition to food products, it is also a safe preservative when included in body care items such as deodorants, cosmetics, toothpaste, hand sanitizers, perfumes, and colognes.

When it comes to e-cigs, PG produces a fantastic vapor. It reduces the boiling point of the nicotine liquid, and enables the vaporization to occur at a much lower temperature. It also affects the flavor and taste of the e-liquid, and compared to VG, it has a less sweet taste. It also has a thinner consistency than VG, so by comparison, it imparts a stronger throat hit, which many users are after. An additional benefit to PG is that being thinner, it flows through e-cigarette and vaporizer components much more easily than 100% VG liquid, and is less likely to cause build up or gunky residue, which can inhibit performance.

Is PG safe?

Yes, propylene glycol is safe, according to the FDA. It has been used commercially in many products for over 50 years, and is considered fine for consumption. Studies show that it has a low degree of toxicity, and there are some reports of people having slight reactions to it, including a sore throat or muscle soreness.

How VaporZone Does it

VaporZone has taken e-liquids to the level of art, and we have perfected them. Our liquids are created with a finely tuned balance of PG/VG, at a ratio of 70/30. We use only the purest ingredients, and they are all USP-grade kosher. They are inhalation-grade, and diacetyl-free. In addition to these standards, our formulas are also registered with the FDA.

So if you are looking for the best e-liquids, in performance, flavor range, quality ingredients, and the perfect PG – VG balance, look no further than what we’ve got to offer!

Smoking and Your Sex Life

smoking-manTobacco companies like to portray their products as cool and sexy, giving the impression that smoking makes you sexy too. But as many of us already know, in reality smoking cigarettes is actually one of the worst habits for maintaining a healthy sex life.
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What is VG?

Vapor-Zone-e-liquidWhen it comes to e-liquids one thing you will hear a lot about are VG and PG. What these two-letter abbreviations stand for are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol; which are both used in e-liquid bases. Some liquids are made entirely with one or the other, and some are made with a combination of both. If you are wondering exactly what vegetable glycerin is and what it’s doing in your e-liquids, this article will enlighten you!

In addition to flavorings and nicotine, the base for e-juice is something of huge discussion among the vaping community. It’s quite divided, with users typically having a staunch preference of one over the other.

Vegetable Glycerin, or VG, is favored by some e-cig users for their nicotine liquids because of its unique characteristics, which include having a thicker consistency, a sweeter flavor, larger clouds of vapor that dissipate more slowly, and a less powerful throat hit so it’s more gentle on the throat; obviously all attributes that make it a really great base.

So what exactly is vegetable glycerin? Well, for starters, it’s nothing like nitroglycerin, which is an ingredient used to make explosives! VG is an all-natural derivative of plants, and is extracted from their oil; hence the name “vegetable”. It can be found in a wide range of products, both meant for consumption as well as for beauty.

Looking to create the perfect e-liquid consistency and performance capabilities, VaporZone e-liquids are created from a perfected blend of 70/30% PG/VG. Our vegetable glycerin is sourced exclusively from the Malaysian Palm, from only the best providers, to ensure purity and that we do our best to avoid creating a negative situation for users who have peanut allergies.

From our experience and developments, we have determined that the 70/30 ratio creates an ideal balance, and produces the best e-liquid flavor. It also appeals to a wider range of users, who are looking for specific qualities in their liquid, such as a powerful throat hit, a mildly sweet taste, and an exceptionally intense throat hit, rich clouds of vapor, without giving up the benefits of either PG or VG.

So, now that you understand exactly what VG is, head on over to our website to browse our offerings of the very best nicotine e-liquids available! Expect awesome performance as well as the most incredible selection of custom blended liquids you can get!

A Whole Lotta Specials Happening! Christmas in July!

3231cc40-5a29-4245-8bde-95caaccca2c7We love sales, and we love a good reason to celebrate, and for that, we decided to throw a Christmas in July sale, which will be ending today! So, what this means is, if you want to  take advantage of some sick deals and sweet steals, head on over to our site ASAP and hook yourself up!

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It’s pretty necessary to have an e-cigarette storage case is. It’s one of the best, yet low-cost (in this case, totally free) investments you can make to keep your vaporizers, e-cigs, tanks, e-liquids, and accessories secure at all times. They are slightly padded for protection, zip up so nothing falls out accidentally falls out and gets destroyed, they hold a great amount of your gear in very safe elasticized pockets, with designated spots for everything so you’re also totally organized!  It’s never a bad thing to get a case, just in case!

We also happen to be running a few other deals that will score you one of these awesome cases, in addition to spending $40. Purchase 3 e-liquids, and you will get a free case. Purchase 2 e-liquid 3-pack samplers, and will get a free case. If you buy the Platinum Clearomizer tank and the Pro XL Clearomizer tank you get a free case. When you purchase a Pro, Platinum Pro, Pulse, or Air starter kit, you will get a free case. How does that sound to you?

So if grabbing one of these free e-cig storage cases sounds good to you, treat yourself to a present in July! But hurry, because this sales ends tonight (7-18-2014) at 11:59 PM EST! Have yourself a Merry little Christmas, in July!

Cigarettes and Your Senses: It’s Not a Good Combo

taste disorder finalYou know about all the horrendous things smoking causes; like cancer, rotted teeth, heart disease, and emphysema, however are you aware of the more minute effects such as how tobacco smoke can assault your ability to smell and taste?

Yes, it’s true. Cigarette smoke can devastate your ability to actually taste and smell things, so if you enjoy the pleasures of complex tastes and aromas, watch out. Or switch to something smoke and tobacco free, like electronic cigarette vaporizers if you want to limit the damages and still enjoy using your senses.

Cigarettes affect smell and taste because they contain many chemical compounds, and many of these affect the taste buds by dulling their ability to work at an optimal level. As smoke is inhaled through the mouth and nose, the senses of taste and smell come directly into contact with the tobacco smoke. As smoke also damages the mucous membranes, the taste and smell receptors do not stand a chance at functioning properly if their owner is a constant smoker.

Why anyone would be up for losing out on the pleasures of smelling and tasting is truly baffling. The sense of taste is exceptionally powerful, and thr world is filled with foods (and e-cig flavors) that are awesome… losing out on this is a serious loss for those who smoke. Experiencing all types of aromas, from those of food, to flowers, to the smell of fresh mown grass are some of life’s greatest, simplest pleasures. Did you know that the sense of smell is also associated with how you experience flavor? So by losing out on your sense of smell, you also cut yourself short on flavor in that way as well. And while these may not be life-threatening or life-altering effects of tobacco, why lose out on this enjoyment if you have an alternative?

Electronic cigarettes, while they recreate the feeling and experience, equipped with a similar device that offers nicotine and the ability to puff, inhale, and exhale, along with a powerful throat hit, contain no smoke or tobacco. Water vapor has a most gentle effect on the smelling and tasting senses, and this means vaping isn’t going to cause similar types of damage. Simply, they are the best option in every way!

Got H20? Drink Water While You Vape This Summer

ice-cube-falling-into-glassWe’re in the throes of summer and nearly everyone seems to be feeling the heat. Especially down here in sunny South Florida, we’ve had countless vapers rush into our cool store locations eager to escape from the sun for a few minutes as they restock on their vaping supplies.

One major health concern that always crops up this time a year is dehydration. With temperatures reaching record highs, it is all too easy to fall short in replenishing the fluids your body needs—especially when first starting out vaping.

You lose water every day from urine, perspiration, breathing, digestion, etc. Vaping is another activity that can be added to this list. In order to function properly, your body must replenish its water supply regularly through the consumption of foods or beverages that contain H2O.

Not all vapers experience the same symptoms, but it is particularly common for beginning e-cig users to get dehydrated as their body is introduced to PG/VG e-liquid. This can lead to dry mouth, itchy skin, fatigue, taste bud burnout (called “vaper’s tongue) and other side effects.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: drink more water!

So how much water should the average adult drink per day? Here’s what health experts have to say:

  • The human body is 50-75% water. Adult men are typically around 60% water, while the average adult woman is about 55% because they naturally have more fatty tissue than men. Infants are the highest percentage at about 78% water. (
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Let’s Talk About Variable Voltage

vz_starter_kit_rebel_06Variable voltage is one of the best features about using certain advanced personal vaporizers. Most vapers love that when using vaporizers, in general, there is a huge range of variables that are available, and variable voltage is one of those aspects that really offers a great amount of personal say in how your device performs. Especially if you like things high-powered.

There are a slew of benefits to having full control over your device’s voltage, and while it may seem like an unnecessary tech spec to those who are not yet using a device with this feature, once you experience the effects it offers, you won’t want to vape without it! If you’re in search of major vapor, you’ve got to try a variable voltage e-cigarette.

Imagine being able to control how powerful your e-cig flavors come through, being able to control the power of your throat hits, and being able to control the force of the throat hit. Those are the greatest benefit to using an APV with variable voltage, and those who have experienced the power rarely go back to less customizable e-cigs!

When it comes to vaporizers and e-cigarettes, wattage is responsible for how much heat the atomizer and/ or tank can produce. When a vaporizer offers variable voltage, it enables to user to change it accordingly to their own preferences, as they so choose.

Atomizers have resistance levels, and they range from 1.5 to 3.0 ohms, and if you are looking to control/ increase the wattage on your device, you have to alter either the atomizer resistance or the voltage. When devices have “variable voltage,” they have control options that allow you to alter this easily.

How variable voltage mods work is not entirely foreign from standard electronic cigarettes, however. The difference is that mods contain a circuit for storing and regulating the power received from the battery. This gives users the ability and option to adjust the level of heat the atomizer/ tank produces for the absolute best, and most individualized vaping experience.

Cartomizers have different voltage ranges, giving them the ability to be set to a specific range. For instance, a 1.8 ohm tank can be set anywhere from 3.0 to 3.7 volts, and a 2.4 ohm tank can be set from 4.0 to 4.5 volts, enabling you to have a personalized experience with custom-set levels of flavor potency, vapor production, and the quality of the throat hit.

In the end, it’s about power and control. Some people want lots of it when it comes to vaping, and we really get it. While beginners may want to stick with standard types of e-cigs, our advanced electronic cigarettes are great for those (including beginners) who know they want intense performance and don’t mind the tech aspect to control their vape pen to the max!

Looking for the Best E-Liquid? Look No Further!

vaporzone-e-liquid-flavorsVaporZone e-liquids are considered the best available, both by industry experts and e-cig users. Made to the highest, most scrutinizing standards this market has seen at this point, you are just not going to find e-juice made of higher quality, of better ingredients, available in more flavors, or this satisfying. While many make claims on their liquids, our proof is in the liquid; we’ve gotten rave reviews across the board, and our customers are overwhelmingly pleased. Wanna know why our e-liquids rock? Keep reading!


We use the best ingredients to create the best performance, vapor production, and to have the best flavor. Vapers are a picky lot, and it took a whole lot of development to create the perfect balance, but we were very much up for the challenge. And the result has been exceptional e-liquid, made of the highest caliber ingredients that are diacetyl-free. Here are some more pointers as to why our nicotine e-liquid is so fantastic:

  • Malaysian-Palm-sourced glycerin (not likely to affect those with nut allergies)
  • GRAS-approved as “inhalation-grade,” meaning they are made for inhalation
  • FDA-registered: Our state of the art lab is registered with the FDA
  • Lot numbers are included on all liquids, allowing their origins to be traced fully
  • We’re seriously Kosher! All ingredients are USP grade Kosher


Vapers want great performance, especially those willing to put forth the effort into filling their e-liquids themselves. In order to create a high-caliber liquid that has the ability to produce generous levels of vapor, pack a strong throat hit while managing to stay smooth, taste delicious, clean, and carry no foul aftertaste or have any semblance of being burnt, much research and development was undertaken. The perfect balance of ingredients of the base has contributed the right consistency, allowing users to have the kind of hits they want, with undeniably, unavoidably exceptional flavor.


The ingredients contribute to the overall great taste of VaporZone e-liquids, however we take the flavor category to new extremes with our custom blending. Our VAPETENDER™ custom blends liquids precisely to your requests, and through all of our different flavor categories, and more than 50+ available single flavors, you’ve got some 30,000 different possibilities awaiting to be mixed up.

When it comes to e-liquids, we don’t play around! We know you want top level flavors and performance, and we do everything in our power to have that executed! With a market saturated with e-liquids, we’re proud to be considered the best!


Tips for Vaping in the Summertime

summertime-cocktail-poolsideBBQ-ing? Grab your vaporizer. Pool party? Make sure you have your vapor cig  (away from the water!). Strolling in the park? Bring your vape pen. Outdoor concert? Get that e-cig on a lanyard ASAP! Dinner on the patio? Keep that mod handy.

Summer is totally upon us, and this is the season for being outdoors, enjoying the world, and having as much fun as possible! While summer is a season of extremes, and typically all about having fun, when you vape, it’s smart to keep a few things in mind for safety and having the best experience when vaping. Summer vay-cays and beaching it up are awesome, and totally better when you’ve got your vape pen in hand, so here are some tips for enjoying your vapor to the fullest while the heat is on!

  • Don’t leave your vaporizers or batteries in the car. Cars get really hot during the summer months, and all that pent up heat wreaks havoc on batteries and any devices containing them. If you want to keep them safe, keep them with you, and keep them cool.
  • Be prepared for unexpected adventures with an extra charger, extra e-juice, and an extra battery for when you’re out longer than expected!
  • Keep your goods in a storage case, they rock. All your vaping gear will be safe and organized.
  • Summer can often mean extreme weather, often changing at a moment’s notice- try to protect your vaporizers from rain and the heat.
  • Traveling? E-cigs and mods are much better travel companions than cigarettes, so take yours wherever you go!
  • Hitting the beach? Do your best not to get carried away having fun and leave your vaporizer out in the sun. While they have no vampire-like aversions to the sunlight, having advanced electronic components means they are much better off out of direct sunlight and stored safely in a cool, dry place.
  • Get yourself some summer-themed e-liquid flavors. If you aren’t aware, (haha!) we have an incredible selection of e-liquid flavors and custom blends. Some of our top summer pics include Summer Tea, Mint Julep, Watermelon Zest Candy Crush, Caribbean Escape, Summer Freshness, and Frozen Banana.

Summertime, and the living’s easy! Especially when you are having a good time and vaping. This summer, we hope you enjoy it all to the max with your VaporZone APV’s!